Wednesday, April 14, 2021

California Attorney Makes Schiff Done When Pressed on Interest in Normal Condition

When asked about “prime time” by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, regarding his interest in the situation, Schiff said, “You know, I’m not commenting. But I appreciate the question.”

“I am very happy to see that Javier Becerra is expected to be confirmed tomorrow. I think he will do an extraordinary job and I am confident that the governor will choose a worthy successor,” he said.

On whether he was considering for the job, the California Democrat reiterated, “I’m not going to comment.”

Schiff’s comment – or lack thereof – is likely to air new speculation about his interest in the post, which has proved to be a strong launching pad for aspiring politicians, including Vice President Kamala Harris. A final confirmation vote for Becerra is expected on Thursday, and California Democratic Government Gavin Newsom may announce his replacement soon.

Some social justice groups, including Black Lives Matter, have pressed Newsom to take someone who “has an understanding of the impact of policing and encroachment on people’s lives and our communities.”

“We urge you to gain our trust and support by appointing someone who works in your career to uplift the people of California,” Open letter Last month to the governor.

After attending Harvard Law School, Schiff worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in California, where he persuaded a jury to convict an FBI agent of selling secrets to the Russians. He was then elected to the California State Senate before setting his sights on the US House.

He kept a low profile during his early years in Congress. rose to prominence As one of the Democrats on the Republican-led committee in 2014 Attack of bengajiAnd then for his leading role in the impeachment investigation of then President Donald Trump in 2019.


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