Can Streaming Pay? Musicians are pinning new hopes on Twitch.

being a success Music livestreamer, however, is hard work.

Travis and Allie of Aces (pronounced “acs,” an abbreviation for their channel name: a_couple_streams) quit his office job five years ago to focus on Twitch. Unlike many who use it for behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process, Travis and Allie kept the equivalent of an intimate stage show, with mood lighting and a dedicated camera on one of their snuggling cats; The only chatter is thanks to their contributors.

According to a data report shared with The New, Aces receives over 5,000 viewers for each broadcast, with close to 1,000 tuning in at any one time, and their channel has made over 1,000 payments per month for the past two years. retained customers. York Times. That success allows Travis and Allie to devote all of their time to making music at home.

But to keep their business going, and maintain engagement, they must regularly churn out content, going online for about three hours at a time, three times a week. “From the beginning, we’ve known that streaming on Twitch is kind of endearing,” Alley said.

Page compares running a Twitch account to driving a taxi: it only makes money when the meter is running. And the longer rides are the most attractive.

The vastness of Twitch’s audience means streamers should take advantage of every opportunity for a wider reach. this month, Danielle Allard, a 31-year-old musician and professor in Ottawa, Ontario who began experimenting with livestreaming a year ago, learned that a planned 6 p.m. set would be featured on Twitch’s home page—the equivalent of prime-time TV hype.

Allard got up at 4 a.m., got his equipment ready, drank some tea, and went online—for about seven hours, playing the original, Cranberry and Chris Isaacs covers, and some cashew solos. By the end, she was tearful and seemed almost distraught with happiness. Her stream, which usually gets a few hundred viewers at a time, brought in 408 new subscribers and 1,659 followers, earning her over 10,000 points. (Top gaming accounts have more than five million followers.)

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