Monday, June 21, 2021

Capital Riot Commission: Live update on Senate vote

Bill O’Leary / Pool / AFP / Getty Images

One of the handful of Republicans supporting the January 6 commission bill, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, tonight targeted her GOP colleagues to move forward To block the measure – and was critical of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s argument that such a commission could prove politically problematic for the GOP before the mid-2022 period.

“On January 6, to make decisions for short-term political gains at the expense of understanding and accepting what was in front of us, I think we need to look at it critically,” she said.

“Is it really that everything is just one election cycle after another? Or are we going to accept that as a country based on these principles of democracy, which we hold dear.” “One of them is to have free and fair elections, and we respect the results of those elections and we allow for a peaceful transition of power. I want it to go beyond just one election,” she continued. Kept.

Murkowski also talked about his conversation with the mother of a fallen US Capitol police officer Brian Siknik, And were asked about concerns that Republicans might have about enduring Trump’s anger at supporting the commission. She said that some of her colleagues “do not want to move the boat.”

Some more background: Last week, House passed Bill 252–175, in which 35 Republicans joined the Democrats. Two Democratic senators – Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Arizona – have publicly urged Senate Republican senators to withdraw the bill as well.

But only three GOP senators – Murkowski, Utah’s Sen. Mitt Romney and Maine’s Susan Collins – have so far expressed their support for advancing the law, and Democrats need 10. The vast majority of 50 Senate Republicans are expected to oppose it.

CNN’s Alex Rogers and Ted Barrett contributed reporting on the post.


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