Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Capitol riot defendant of the beating officer is charged and released

Prosecutors said Thomas Sibich was seen on body-camera footage of police attacking Fanon when he lay on the ground outside the Capitol during the Jan. 6 rebellion. In january Interview with CNN, Fanon He said he was stabbed in the neck several times, beaten with a flag and heard people screaming, “Kill him with your gun,” while the rioters tried to pull his weapon out of his pistol. .

A federal judge in New York released Sibiak from custody on Friday after a preliminary hearing. The Justice Department has appealed that decision and said in court filings that Sibik should go to jail because he “participated in a violent riot and robbed an officer” and is a danger to the public.

A lawyer for Sibik is not yet listed on his dock. CNN is trying to reach him for comment.

During a dispute outside the Capitol, Sibic allegedly grabbed Fanon’s badge and radio, and later posted a photo of himself holding a police shield on Facebook, court filings say.

In a later interview with FBI agents, Sibić stated that he was in the Capitol, but had tried to drive Fan away from the rioters. Sibić told FBI agents that he had more information about the attack, though he stated that he was not involved in it, according to court documents.

Prosecutors suggested in court filings that Sibik lied to the FBI about the stolen badge.

He first told the agents that the badge and radio had fallen when he tried to help Fanon, and he threw him in the trash after leaving the Capitol grounds. Later, Sibic said he was required to “rescind” those claims and, according to court filings, disposed of the items at a New York dumpster.

FBI agents allegedly convinced Sibik that they were going to investigate security footage near the dumper. Sibik told the agents that he “wanted to do the right thing” and that he had buried the badge in his backyard. Sibik said he bought the metal detector, dug the badge and returned it to the FBI, court filings say.

As prosecutors grind through evidence, videos and tips against more than 400 potential defendants, an investigation called the “largest in American history,” the Department of Justice. Preparation of some motions of first guilty plea For those accused in the Capitol Rebellion.
Department officials are working on possible petition times. Internal discussion likely to be affected Attorney General Merrick Garland – which gave its first information about the investigation on Thursday – and other senior aides who are coming on board as part of the Biden administration.

More than 300 people have been charged so far in connection with the attack on the Capitol.

Marshall Cohen and Ivan Perez of CNN contributed to this report.


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