Thursday, May 6, 2021

Carter mourns Mondley’s death: ‘the best vice president in our nation’s history’

“Today, I mourn the demise of my dear friend Walter Mondale, whom I consider to be the best Vice President in the history of our country.” Trainman Said in a statement on Monday. “During our administration, Fritz used his political acumen and personal integrity to transform the Vice President into a dynamic, policy-driving force that had never been seen before and still exists today.”

Mondley, a Democrat, represented Minnesota in the Senate from 1964 to 1976, when he signed on as Carter’s running mate. He served as Carter’s No. 2 from 1977 to 1981, when he and Carter lost to Ronald Reagan and his running mate, George HW Bush.

Carter’s statement continued on Monday, “He was an invaluable companion and a capable servant of the people of Minnesota, the United States and the world. Fritz Mondale provided us with a model for public service and private behavior. Rosaline and I are all Americans.” Joined. In thanking him for his exemplary life, and we express our deepest condolences to his family. ‘

Mondale herself won the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and a woman, US Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro made history by naming New York as his running mate before finally falling short of Reagan. He later served as US ambassador to Japan and envoy to Indonesia The then president bill clinton.

Clinton and former President Barack Obama also weighed in on Monday, recalling Vettel for his service.

“Walter Mondale mentioned progressive causes and changed the role of VP — so a leader like @JoeBiden might be the last in the room when decisions were made.” Obama tweeted. “In choosing Geraldine Ferraro, she paved the way for @VP (Kamala Harris) to make history. Michelle and I send prayers for her family.”
Clinton said on Twitter Mondale “believed in the power of government to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and proved it at every stage of his remarkable career – with deep policy knowledge, a tireless work ethic and unusual decency. Hillary and I Loved and loved him. I miss him very much. “

Several MPs on both sides of the aisle also expressed their condolences on Monday.

“I loved Walter Mondale and I am not alone,” Democratic Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota said in a statement. “Mondley was a giant not only because of the positions he held – Minnesota Attorney General, US senator, vice president, Democratic presidential candidate and ambassador – but because of the work he did.”

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said that Mondley was “someone who always treated people with respect and respect, and I had the privilege to call him my friend and mentor.”

“Walter Mondale was an advocate in Minnesota politics for a vast, peace, fair housing, women’s rights, and consumer protection for the better part of five decades in politics. He was a champion of civil rights,” Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said In a statement, “We thank you, Mr. Vice President, and promise to continue the fight for justice and civil rights.”

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa called Mondley a great senator who “spoke of Minnesota’s values ​​and loved his state like I do Iowa.”

“He served his country with great pride and was passionate about his cause,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted. “A true public servant who will be missed.”

This story has been updated with further responses.

CNN’s Aaron Pellish and Devan Cole contributed to this report.


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