Celebrating 15 years of podcast

We were in celebration mode all week after the Book Review podcast completes 15 years. Pamela Paul shared 15 of her favorite episodes Since it started hosting in 2013. we chose 10 other memorable conversations From the show’s full archives, and did a little digging to tell the story of Podcast opening day.

Now, appropriately, we kick things off with a new episode dedicated to the milestones. This week, Paul speaks with Sam Tenhaus, his predecessor and founding host, and Dwight Garner, now a critic for The Times who came up with the idea for a podcast when he was senior editor at Book Review. Josélie Gonzales, a former producer of the show, and Pedro Rosado, its current maestro, talk about their favorite and unusual memories over the years. (Do any guests actually call from a submarine? It’s uncertain.) And Paul answers the question of what it is to host the show, sharing some clips of Robert Caro and others discussing his work We do.

We do some business as usual this week, with Tina Jordan looking at Book Review history during this year of her 125th anniversary and Alexandra Alter discussing news from the publishing world.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this episode and the Book Review podcast in general. You can send them books@nytimes.com.

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