Tuesday, April 13, 2021

CEO of Sam’s Club over the company’s high sales and low wages

But one of the benefits in the form of finance gains was a thorough understanding of profits and losses and the balance sheet and how it all hangs together. It enabled me to strategize and differentiate it and said: “Well, what are the objectives? And what are the prices we have put in place to be able to achieve those objectives? “

What were the biggest changes you made to shops and warehouses as a result of the epidemic?

There were a lot of strategic decisions we had to make very quickly: metering people at the club, wearing masks for colleagues, health checkups every day, requests for plexigels that we had to do at appropriate places, decals on the floor. There was just such a tired list.

We wanted to convince members that they could trust our standards. Like, “Let’s make sure that in the first 10 feet of Sam’s walk to the club, they see us falling down from a car.” We are spraying them out, but that does not mean the member is aware that they have been sprayed down. So let’s make sure that we also delete them so that the member knows that they can be confident.

How are you dealing with the facade issue at a time when state restrictions are being lifted?

When a member attends the club, we will ask them to wear one. We will have one to give them. If a person recognizes that they do not want to wear one, we will continue to offer it.

What we are trying to do is protect the safety of our allies and ensure that we are not putting them in conflict point. We have tried to make sure that we present it exaggeratedly instead of presenting it exaggeratedly. I would say that most of the members comply. Most of them, if you ask them once or twice, will put on a mask.

How have people’s shopping habits changed over the past year?

We have seen periods that we call “carbs and calories”, where people would just buy pizza, ice cream, potato chips. It was almost as if they were looking for an indulgence in food that they could not get from experiences outside the home. We certainly appear in people for nesting and home improvement, yard improvement, outdoor recreation. People are like, “How do I make my house my palace?”

Help me understand why it is hard for a company like Walmart to support a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour.

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