Ciara says Russell Wilson’s sexiest trait is ‘the father in him.’ Are dads hotter?

Ciara says Russell Wilson’s sexiest trait is ‘the father in him.’ Are dads hotter?

Russell Wilson is an NFL quarterback and a devoted husband but according to his wife is the sexiest title Sierra, Father.

The 35-year-old singer said, “There’s always the beautiful thing about Russell that he’s been watching her since day one, with him jumping with excitement and changing diapers.” GQ The interview. “She is obviously beautiful to me in every way, but father is one of what makes her the sexiest for me. hot. It is hot for me. “

The couple, who have been married since 2016, share son Vin, 6 months, and daughter Sianna, 3, and in the future 6, are raising Siara’s son with rapper Future. Sierra said, “I think so, if I could look back at the crystal ball when I was a little girl,” GQ, “And I looked at the idea of ​​my family and what it would be like for me, that’s exactly it.”

Sexual attraction can often be explained by a checklist of symptoms such as physical (tall, dark or beautiful) or emotional (funny or smart), although the appeal of male caregivers exceeds anecdotes. A study published two years ago in the journal 2005 Development and human behavior Women are shown to be more attractive to men (presented in photographs) when they are portrayed playing with children.

For women who want children or partners, why are dads so attractive? “, According to the principle of parental investment, women are physically more obliged to put resources to produce children between pregnancy and lactation,” Kansas State University professor of psychological science and co-author of the paper Gary L. Brass tells Yahoo Life. “So men who choose to help may be seen as more attractive [in the context of] Human development.”

And established assumptions about gender roles remain – even during epidemics, women are three times more likely than fathers to have homework and children, according to reports. 2020 women in the workplace By McKinsey & Company and Lean In. “If, stereotypically, we don’t expect men to invest in children, when they do, it indicates care and kindness, which are desirable traits,” Veronica Lamarche, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Essex , Keywords tell life. “There is a huge difference between conceiving and caring. And the willingness to sacrifice [as one does in parenthood] Linked to positive outcomes for relationships. “

Clinical psychiatrist Donna rockwell Further adds, “Historically, if women expressed displeasure about care, they could be seen as lazy. Now, the equal distribution of childcare is becoming generalized. So when we consider a child When pausing or tendering, it is almost like a new one. There is a sense of humanity that relationships can develop in this direction. “

And sometimes dad appeal is not at all about children. “This attraction can be aspirational, reminiscent of a lifestyle goal,” Lamark noted. “If a man is involved with his children, how does he support his partner?”

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