Control of Britney Spears’s Estate Debated at Court Hearing

Control of Britney Spears’s Estate Debated at Court Hearing

After a week of social media chatter, fan speculation and critical reevaluation Around the life and music career of Britney SpearsHer legal battles over her personal well-being and finances continued on Thursday in a brief, court hearing that focused on property management, legal representation and the minutiae of scheduling.

Despite the pomp around the case, it was doing business as usual at the Los Angeles courthouse as a judge, with Brenda Penny ordering no significant changes to the much-monitored conservatism of Spears’ existence since 2008 Was.

The 39-year-old singer was the subject of a new documentary by The New York Times, “Framing Britney Spears,” It premiered last week and the matter was discussed afresh. In addition to tracing the singer’s career as a child star and teen pop sensation, the film focused on Spears’ recent efforts through a court-appointed lawyer to remove her father from the stereotype – one Complex legal systems that usually come in handy. Sick, old or frail – that he has helped steer for more than a decade.

Some fans under the banner known as #FreeBritney have sought to portray stereotypes as an unjust means of control over the singer, who has struggled for years with her mental health. Representatives of his father, Jamie Spears, have said that his oversight is about protecting his daughter’s life and money; For many years, the singer raised no objections to the setup.

This changed last year when Spears’ attorney, Samuel D. Ingam III said in a filing that the singer “strongly opposed” her father as a conservative and would not perform again if Jamie Spears remained at the top of her career. (Jamie Spears previously stepped in as her daughter’s personal custodian citing health problems, although she remained in control of her finances. A temporary personal conservator has been named through September.)

At the end of last year, Judge Penny refused to immediately remove Jamie Spears as the custodian of her daughter’s estate, but accepted the singer’s request to add Bessemer Trust, a corporate fiduciary, as co-custodian Will go.

In the hearing on Thursday, there was a relationship of power sharing between Jamie Spears and Bessemer Trust over the property. Judge Penny stated that despite Jamie Spears’ earlier appointment as sole custodian of the estate, her subsequent appointment to the Bessemer Trust empowered both entities, as they had previously ruled.

Jamie Spears’ attorneys Ingham and Vivian L. Advocates from both sides, including Thoren, appeared remotely due to Kovid-19 restrictions, and the hearing was affected by remote audio problems that many are now familiar with.

The attorneys agreed to discuss the budget and fees at a later date, referring to Ingham being “taken in the larger direction in which this conservatism predominates.” Additional hearings are scheduled on 17 March and 27 April.

In a statement after the hearing, Thoren said, “My client looks forward to working with Bessemer to continue the investment strategy in the best interests of her daughter.”

“From the beginning, the court has closely monitored Brittany’s position, including annual accounting and in-depth reviews and recommendations from a highly experienced and dedicated court investigator,” Thoren said. “My client Jamie Spears has performed her duties diligently and professionally as one of Brittany’s patrons, and her love for her daughter and dedication to protect her is clearly evident to the court.”

Outside the Stanley Mosque Courthouse, the appearance of the #FreeBritney rally – a fixture at these hearings of late – was smaller than usual; Protests have also moved to Zoom and Twitter in recent months. But a handful of pink-clad Britney Spears supporters waving the courtyard doors before Thursday’s hearing saw a new shift in people’s attention.

“It’s like a sigh of relief,” Dustin Strand, who wore the End Conservatorship T-shirt.

He speculates that he protested during such a hearing more than a dozen times in the past two years. Now, it felt like the end was coming to a close. The 29-year-old strand said, “I always think it was gonna work for Britney.” “But it’s definitely nice that there is a chimney in the world and telling Brittany that we are here for you and we are sorry.”

26-year-old Elandria Brown showed off the rally in her idol-inspired get-up: a matching velvet tube top and miniskit and fuzzy pigtail holders, all pink. She was hoping that the judge would end the conservatism during today’s hearing, she said.

Brown said that while he hoped that flamboyant headlines in the case would end conservatism, his own social circle was not taking his advocacy seriously.

“Most people just laugh,” she said. “Today I came alone, and people were kind of like, ‘You are just going to the courtyard?”

Brown said she was uninspired. “It’s just way bigger than that,” he said.



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