Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Controversial indigenous blood artwork from the festival

Dark mofo art festival in Tasmania, Australia, has canceled a project in which indigenous people were asked to donate blood after a repatriation.

Spanish artist Santiago Sierra planned to “sink the flag of the British Union into the blood of its colonized territories,” according to a donation call earlier this month.

“We made a mistake, and took full responsibility. The project will be canceled,” one reads Post On Tuesday on the Dark Mofo Facebook page, it was signed by creative director Leah Carmichael.

“We apologize to all First Nations people for any injuries we have been hurt. We are sorry.”

CNN has contacted Sierra for comment.

According to a call for donations posted on Facebook on 19 March, “The project was open to people from the First Nations from the countries claimed by the British Empire to the British Empire,”.

The artist Santiago Sierra is no stranger to controversy over his works. Credit: Ballesteros / epa-efe / shutterstock

Those who participated voluntarily were asked to donate “small amounts of blood” to the artwork.

The project was quickly criticized on several platforms.

Kira Puru, an Australian musician who is of Maori descent, commented on an early Instagram post for Dark Mofo: “What is the way to reveal that there are no First Nations people in your curatorial / consulting teams,” adding: “Whites” The literal blood of the First Nations people. ”

Writer Cass Lynch, a descendant of the Nongar people living in Western Australia, wrote a The piece In Overland, an Australian radical literary magazine that asked for blood donations was “disrespectful and ignorant”.

Nongongs are Aboriginal Australians who live in south-western Australia.

Lynch wrote, “Asking the people of First Nations to give blood to make a flag again.”

“It asks a community on whose blood this Australian colony is built, a community that dies younger, sicker and more marginalized due to structural racism than any other, yet more blood to make a statement Which makes no reference to give back or correct is wrong. “

Lynch emphasized that donors were not offered payment, nor did Dark Mofo refer to donations to indigenous organizations.

CNN contacted Lynch for further comment.

Despite the criticism, Dark Mofo originally defended the project in a Facebook Post Monday.

“Self-expression is a fundamental human right, and we support artists working and presenting regardless of their nationality or cultural background,” the post reads.

However, the next day, Utsav announced the cancellation of the project. The rest of the festivals will be held from 16–22 June in Hobart, Tasmania.

Sierra is known for works that were accustomed to heroin, turning into the gas chamber of a former synagogue in Germany and describing four women as “prostitutes” who tattooed their backs in a horizontal line Said.


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