Could not talk to American family detained with Kovid-19 in Russia, they say


Paula Reid told CNN’s Victor Blackwell, “We don’t know anything about his treatment. We haven’t been able to talk to him since he was taken into isolation.” “She was experiencing fever, cough and lost her sense of smell or taste, probably both. That’s all we know.”

Reid, a former US Marine, was given a Kovid test on Sunday after several days of denial of one, Joey Reid said, and Trevor Reed’s legal team were informed that he tested positive on Tuesday , He had to appear a day before. Appeal hearing in Moscow. That hearing was deferred.

“It’s really hard – almost every parent I know knows their child, so if we can talk to him and listen to him saying that he’s fine, I’m going through his voice Can tell if he is really alright or if he is saying he is alright because he doesn’t want me to worry but he is really suffering more, ”Paula Reid said with tears in her eyes. “It would be nice, even if it’s not just us, if they can call the embassy and tell us. We just want to know how he feels.”

Joey Reid said the embassy is “currently trying to contact Trevor by phone or in person or contacting his family. They are not meeting through the Russian system. They are there all day, every day , Have been trying for the last three days. “

A State Department spokesman told CNN on Friday that “despite repeated requests, Embassy Moscow officials have been unable to speak or meet Trevor after the diagnosis.”

The spokesman said, “We are very concerned for Trevor’s health. We continue to pressurize Russian officials for Trevor’s fair and humane treatment, access to proper medical care, regular contact with US consulate officials and his release.” Huh.”

US Special Envoy for Mortgage Affairs Roger Carstens said in a tweet earlier this week that Trevor Reid’s Kovid diagnosis was “a dangerous turn of events”.

“We are counting on medical professionals to provide Trevor proper care and treatment and to release him to the authorities,” Carsten said.

Paula and Joey Reid said they hoped the release of their son and detained fellow American Paul Whalen would be an important topic during President Joe Biden. Summit With Russian President Vladimir Putin but declined to say whether he felt Trevor’s release should be a precondition of that summit.

Joey Reid said, “We would hope that both President Putin and President Biden can come to some sort of agreement to release our son and Paul Whelan, which we think are both illegal and innocent.”

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken recently raised both matters during his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to a state department readout, Blinken “clarified that Russia should release US citizens Paul Whelan and Trevor Reid to return home to their families.”

Trevor Reid served as a Marine presidential guard during the Obama administration, and Paula Reid said on Friday, “We are begging, hoping and praying that President Biden will bring our son home Will do their best because they protected him at Camp David. “

A Russian court sentenced Reed to nine years in prison for endangering the “life and health” of Russian police officers in a dispute in July 2020. Trevor Reid has denied the allegations and US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan called the trial an “absurd theater”.

This story has been updated with comments from the State Department.


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