Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Counsel addresses skepticism for plaintiffs in countryside Watson

Actually, the first two words on the website for Buzby’s law firm are “Just Win”. A photo is included on his Facebook page Silver sculpture in the shape of a shark. On Friday, Buzzbee, airing his fearlessness, said that he had once sued the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi and that he had received at least 10 death threats in the case.

He then invited anyone, who could be assaulted or harassed by Watson, to contact his office.

Hardik has represented his share of high-profile athletes, including defending the pitcher. Roger Clemens against the peregrine charge In 2012 and representing the NFL running back Adrian Peterson, the accused Hunched children in 2014.

Watson’s agent, David Mulugetta, publicly defended his client in a social media post on Friday.

“Sexual assault is real. Victims must be heard, criminals prosecuted, ” Mulugetta wrote on Twitter. “Individuals often create stories in search of financial gain. Their victims should be heard, and those criminals were prosecuted as well. I hope we will have the same energy with the truth. “

Mulugeta’s post was criticized on social media for its characterization of the frequency of false claims, Studies have been found to be rareAt a rate of 2 to 10 percent of all reports of sexual harassment.

Nevertheless, Buzbee’s very public approach to urging customers has raised questions about his strategy. He admitted that “when you make these allegations, the first thing people say is that it is a money grab”. Like it or not, he said, “People blindly follow the games and believe in the victims.”

Kim Gandy, former president of the National Network for Domestic Violence Two and Domestic Violence, said Buzzbee has attempted to outline its cases and invite victims to move forward, aiming to boost each woman’s claim is.

“From history, it’s very clear that athletes, especially beloved local athletes, have the benefit of the doubt until the evidence is overwhelming,” Gandy said. “Sad to say, you need many cases to prove one.”

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