Covid vaccines for children are coming, but not for many months.

Covid vaccines for children are coming, but not for many months.

High-risk adults are immunized against coronovirus for the Kovid-19 line, many parents want to know: When will my child get the vaccine?

Short answer: Not before late summer.

Pfizer and Moderna have included children 12 and older in clinical trials of their vaccines and are expected to have results by summer. Companies can test them in young children, depending on how the drugs perform in that age group. The Food and Drug Administration typically takes a few weeks to review data from a clinical trial and authorize a vaccine.

Three other companies – AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax – also plan to test their vaccines in children, but are further behind.

When researchers first test drugs or vaccines in adults, they typically move the brackets of age, watching for any changes in effective doses and unexpected side effects.

“In an early stage it would be very unusual for children to start going down,” Dr. Said Emily Erbelding, an infectious disease doctor at the National Institutes of Health, who oversees testing of Kovid-19 vaccines in special populations.

Some vaccines – those that protect against pneumococcal or meningococcal bacteria or rotaviruses, for example – were previously tested in children because they prevent pediatrics. But it made sense to test and authorize the coronovirus vaccine for adults for the first time as the risk of serious illness and death from Kovid-19 increases rapidly with age, said Paul Offit, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania One of its members is the FDA Vaccine Advisory Panel.

“We are trying to save lives, keep people out of the ICU, save them from dying,” Dr. Offit said. This means prioritizing vaccines for older people and for people with underlying conditions.

About a quarter of the population in the United States is under 21, but Kovid-19s cause less than 1 percent of deaths. Still, approximately 2 percent of children receiving Kovid-19 require hospital care, and at least 227 children in the United States have died of the disease.

“It is an important disease in children, not necessarily when you compare it to adults,” Dr. Pediatrician and Vaccine Specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Kristin Oliver said.



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