Friday, May 7, 2021

‘Cruel Summer’ offers a time-twisting spin on a teen-soap mystery

The series runs for several days in 1993, 1994 and 1995, with each episode having a lot of thrill between them – as events go on, with one or two years remaining – leaving clues after clues in a series of mysteries. Happened.

At its core is Sab Zeenat (Chiara Aurelia), a shy girl who has braces, when we first met her on her 15th birthday, a year later convinced and transformed, and a year after the police suspected her Taken in the siege. . Her fate is Kate (Olivia Holt, a graduate from Disney Channel Hire), beautiful and popular, who is kidnapped and missing in the second year, and in the third is dealing with the downfall and psychological consequences of that.

What happened, really, and how Janet – already jealous of Kate, only to turn herself into a version of her – was to capitalize, and possibly play a role for her? This is the scenario that series producer Burt Vee. Tease Royal, who is working with Jessica Beal, who follows “Papi,” His production profile continues to be built.

Still, the focus is not just on the two girls, but the friends and parents around them, whose relationships have sprung up from year to year in head-turning ways.

Frankly, one could easily have done without another show that involves a teenage girl being hunted, and “Cruel Summer” includes a warning for those who may be unsettled by that scenario. Nevertheless the device functions largely as a set-up, primarily, the development of Zeenat, thanks to Aurelia’s impressive performance, of an almost completely different character in each year of the tour. Manages to feel like.

Freeform has tried to carve out Nazir to some extent for his youth-oriented plays, but the truth is that “Cruel Summer” will likely struggle to the same effect at the venue, which it would say, premiered the show on Netflix Tha or CW, who engraved a fertile audience for provocative fills “13 Reasons Why” Or “Riverdale” which plays teen-soap conferences.

Sometimes, the right show falls in the wrong place, which can become its cruel twist of fate in the context of TV. For now, though, the four previewed episodes continue to deliver unexpected twists and pieces of information, planting hooks intensively to maintain curiosity about where all this is heading, with the disclaimer that The above drama ran out of creative gas very quickly.

As popcorn diversions go, he makes an endorsement in the form of solids – misconceptions about the subject matter – as “Cruel Summer” might expect.

“Cruel Summer” will premiere on April 20 at 9 pm on Freeform.


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