Democratic lawmaker calls Texas voting bill ’embarrassing’ and says GOP wants to make it ‘easy to steal elections’


“Well Texas law is embarrassing and Republicans in Texas and across the country obviously want to make voting harder and easier to steal elections. That’s the only way I can explain the voter suppression epidemic that we work our way Let’s see so many different ways in one state, Georgia, Arizona to Texas and all over the country, “Geoffrey told CNN’s Jake Topper on” State of the Union “.

“Fundamental to our democracy is the right to vote. Self-government. The American people get to make decisions and work for a democracy that reflects the voice of all Americans, not just a certain section, not only Conservatives, not just Republicans, just people in some parts of the country, all Americans, ”he continued.

After nearly seven hours of debate by Texas state senators, the Senate voted to adopt Bill 7, a measure that would make mail-in voting more difficult, ban round-the-clock voting, and ballot and drive-throughs Will restrict options. The Texas State House has not yet voted on the legislation, although it is eligible for voting late on Sunday afternoon, and will have to do so before the midnight deadline. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has indicated that he will sign the legislation into law.

The law is as follows Georgia, Florida And other states that have enacted laws that make it difficult for some of their states’ residents to vote and Republicans continue to lie despite former President Donald Trump’s widespread election fraud in the 2020 election with no evidence.

Texas Rep. Michael McCall, a Republican, told Tapper in a separate interview on Sunday that he had not reviewed the text of the state’s bill, but said he believed the law was to “restore confidence in elections” Cheating is not happening. “

McCall said, “There are some basic principles here, however, I think most Americans agree. That is, asking for an ID, you know when someone votes. I don’t think it’s voter suppression.” “The idea of ​​verifying signatures I think is very important. I think the Republicans here will tell you that they are trying to make sure that the person voting is a person on paper so it is a valid vote devoid of fraud. “

State lawmakers have enacted Nearly two dozen laws Since the 2020 election, which restricts ballot access, according to a new tally at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law. 22 laws in 14 states set a new record for restrictive voting laws since 2011, when the Brennan Center recorded 19 laws enacted in 14 state legislatures.

The race to change ground rules for future elections follows Trump’s repeated and unfounded claims that voter fraud contributed to his loss last November. Across the country, Republicans have made their effort as necessary to restore voters’ confidence in the integrity of elections. But critics say the nationwide push aims to maintain GOP power in key battlegrounds, making it harder for people of color and young voters to cast their ballots.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.


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