Sunday, May 9, 2021

‘Eat Wheat!’ Review: Ms. Banks Chasing

With his debut film, “Eat Wheaties !,”, Scott Abramovich has wooed the kind of actors who dream of a first-time director: Tony Hale (“Arrested Development,” “VP” in the TV comedy ) Who is involved? Elisha Cuthbert, LaMorne Morris, Sara Chalke and Alan Tudyk. But what Abramovich does with such a lineup is an unfortunate, baseless mess.

Hale plays the role of a depressed office worker named Sid Straw, who, while organizing his University of Pennsylvania reunion, first created a Facebook account and became obsessed with keeping in touch with his old classmate: Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks. done. (His supposed caffray from college states the title, “Eat Wheat !,”).

A lot of the joke in the film comes from the creation of a Facebook account on Sid – a digital precinct that seems stale with the get-go. In real life, Sid has a kind of uncomfortable presence that makes this cramped comedy all the crags and no comedy. His inability to read social cues engulfs him in hot water when his frequent and desperate – and too public for Elizabeth Banks – wall posts go viral, setting up a restraining order from Banks’ team and a job She removes.

Sid lawyers with the cheapest – and most inept – attorney possible (played by Paul Walter Hauser, the film’s short highlight) and eventually restores his reputation as a good, albeit awkward man. But by reclaiming Sid’s character, the film gives a pass, and perhaps even endorsers, to online harassment as “deliberate” conduct, something most women on social media, including herself, are likely familiar with.

Eat Wheat!
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes. In theaters and on Apple TV, Google Play And other streaming platforms and payment TV operators. Please consult guidance Outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before watching movies inside theaters.

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