Ellie Kemper apologizes for participating in controversial contest as a teen

Kemper was crowned the “Queen of Love and Beauty” Veil Prophet Ball in 1999. The organization is based in Missouri and was founded in 1878 by former federal officials.

Kemper addressed the controversy in an Instagram post on Monday.

“When I was 19, I decided to attend the debut ball in my hometown,” she began. “The century-old institution that hosted the Debutante Ball had an undeniably racist, sexist and elitist past. I was not aware of the history at the time, but ignorance is no excuse. I was old enough and involved Educated myself before I happened. I categorically condemn, condemn and reject white supremacy,” she continued. “At the same time, I acknowledge that because of my race and my privilege, I am a beneficiary of a system that has given unequal justice and unequal rewards.”

Kemper continued, “I strongly believe in the values ​​of kindness, integrity, and inclusivity. I try to live my life in accordance with these values. If my experience is any indication that past organizations and institutions that have these assumptions. To be taken into account, then I have to look at this experience in a positive light.”

The organization itself issued its own statement last week, saying, “Our organization believes in and promotes inclusion, diversity and equality for the region. We completely reject racism and seek to shelter these beliefs.” has never been associated with or affiliated with any other organization.


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