England’s delayed reopening is a blow to culture and nightlife.

Delays leave “thousands of jobs in the balance,” said Julian Bird, CEO UK Theater, a trade body, said in a statement. The Night Times Industries Association, which represents clubs and pubs, says a quarter of night time businesses cannot survive for more than a month without new government support. said in a news release.

The biggest blow could be to England’s nightclubs, which were told for the fourth time that they could not reopen at all despite distancing. Nightclubs in the UK have been closed since March 2020, and over 150 events were planned for the weekend of 25 June in London alone, including a sold-out 42 Hour Party. cloth, a famous club that can seat 1,500 people.

All of them were canceled immediately.

“It’s really, really disappointing,” Cameron Leslie, one of Fabric’s founders, said in a telephone interview. He had hired more than 100 employees in the past month, hoping to reopen, and was no longer able to lay off them.

“You can only be pushed and tested until our entire field can no longer respond,” Leslie said.

Founder of Stuart Glen cause, another London club said in a telephone interview that the delay would cost them “hundreds of thousands” of pounds and force them to rearrange 40 events. He had had enough, he said. “I think everyone should riot if it’s not July,” he said. “They can’t control people like this,” he said.

“It’s so devastating for so many people,” said Yousef Zahar, a DJ and co-owner Circus, a nightclub based in Liverpool, in Mayoo conducted two pilot programs Featuring 6,000 masked dancers.

Theatres, museums and music venues were Permission to reopen with distancing last monthBut large venues and all nightclubs remained firmly closed. Mr Lloyd Webber has repeatedly said that grand productions like “Cinderella” – which has a 34-strong cast and is already weeks into rehearsals – are financially impractical in half-baked theaters.

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