Ericsson discharged from hospital after ‘successful operation’

Ericsson collapsed during Denmark’s game against Finland on Saturday before being revived with CPR and a defibrillator.

According to the British Heart Foundation, an ICD is a small device placed under the skin to monitor heart rate. It is connected to the heart by thin wires and is able to control abnormal heart rhythms through electric shock.

The Danish federation said Ericsson had met his teammates after leaving hospital in Copenhagen on Friday and would now go home to spend time with his family. Denmark lost its second group match 2-1 to Belgium on Thursday.

“Thanks for the huge number of congratulations – it’s been incredible to see and feel,” Ericsson said.

“The operation went well, and I’m doing well under the conditions. It was really great to see people again after the great game I played last night.

“Needless to say I will be encouraging them against Russia on Monday.”

The football world has paid many emotional tributes to Ericsson after his fall.

Belgian and Danish players called off Thursday’s match to follow a minute’s applause in an emotional mark of respect for Ericsson.

On Wednesday, players from Finland and Russia chanted “Get well Christian!” T-shirts as they warmed to their game, which Russia won 1–0.

Denmark will have to beat Russia on Monday and other results are needed to advance to the knockout stages of Euro 2020.


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