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Even on her best days, Brandi Carlene cleansed the vomit

[ Read an excerpt from “Broken Horses.” ]

The eldest of three siblings, Carlyle was born to a 20-year-old hotel hostess mother and father of 21-year-old prep cook Cook. His 1980 childhood was shaped by a career of poverty, wild and domestic animals, often in Washington, his father’s prohibition, and his mother’s newborn singing, which soon included Carlyle and his younger sister and brother.

From the age of 8 or 9 the Colonel had been performing at the bar and at the Northwest Grand Ole Opry and finding out, although she often felt like a sensitive misfit in life, she was powerful at home. An early Elton John devotee, the colonel once entered a competition, ornamented like his idol: “I saw a white polyester suit of a man in the Catholic Church’s clothing mission, where our family found our clothes a lot.” I saw them performing the ‘Honory Cat’ in a white suit with shiny shoes and feather goggles and I decided that it was going to be my job. “Although the other girls in the competition did a beauty contest Took favor, but Carlyle’s mother had a glimpse of the organization requesting her daughter. In the short term, Karlil lost the competition; In the long run, she became close friends with Elton John.

Such satisfaction was still years away, but by the time she was 16, Carnil was out of both the closet and a high temperature dropout; After being baptized for a long period of time, the pastor flared when he asked him to repent for practicing “homosexuality” for the last time. It is a testament to Carlyle’s comfort with contradictions and complexity, which to this day, he remains religious.

After Carlyle Hensroth joined the twins in 1999, their combined talent, swagger and tenacity got a growing audience. One of the thought-provoking aspects of the book is the news (to me) that the name “Brandy Carlyle” has become a synonym for these three, and that Henseroths wrote most of the megahite song as “Story”. As well as part or all of the other “Brandy Carile” songs. “I’m not Brandi Carlyle since 1999,” Carlyle writes, “but to say that I am actually Brandy Carlyle since 1999. Are you confused?” me too.”

That I either ended up reading without a clear understanding of the personality of the Hanseeroth brother, so that there could be a mess between their privacy and their identities. In one notable photo, they are hooding in the cold like three people can. Even more amazingly, all their families live on the same property (Phil is married to Carlyle’s sister), where bandmates ride ATVs and clear trails for entertainment.

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