Facebook apps down. The world has seen how much it plays on them.

But suggested to Mr Chambers on Monday that Facebook promotion may not be so important.

“As the day went on, we actually found more people coming and saying it was good to be disconnected,” he said. “It was their most productive day in a long time, and we closed the day 30 percent above our normal Monday sales.”

German comedian Jan Bomermann, tweeted He wanted Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to remain offline forever. His post garnered nearly 30,000 likes.

A pharmacy chain in Brazil, Drogasmil, now takes many of its prescription orders through WhatsApp, said Rafael Silva, a Drogasmil pharmacist in Rio de Janeiro.

On Monday, there was no one, Mr. Silva said from behind the counter that night. But since he and his colleagues also couldn’t chat on WhatsApp, the day felt “more quiet”.

Out of habit, Lorraine Barbosa, 25, a cashier at the pharmacy, found herself repeatedly refreshing WhatsApp on Monday. Still, he said, he also found that day more peaceful and productive.

“I think it shows that we can live without technology,” he said.

In Brazil, surveys show that WhatsApp is installed Around each smart Fone in the country and Most brazilians with a phone Check the app at least once in an hour.

On “Zap”, as WhatsApp is known in Brazil, restaurants take orders, supermarkets coordinate deliveries, and doctors, hairdressers and cleaners book appointments. During the pandemic, the app became an important tool For teachers to teach students in remote areas of the country. It has also been central to spread of propaganda.

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