Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Facebook will pay Murdoch for news in Australia

The three-year partnership was announced on Monday. This will allow a lot of content from Rupert Murdoch’s local media empire, Including The Australian Newspaper, printing on Facebook News – a part of the platform that reduces coverage from selected publishers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In recent weeks a deal has been signed by new partner News Corp in Australia.

Sky News Australia, a broadcaster of a local News Corp subsidiary, has a separate deal with Facebook ()American Plan), Which “builds on an existing system,” News Corp ()NWS) said in Statement Monday.
Last month, the group – which includes the Australian media and some UK outlets, as well as the Wall Street Journal and New York Post in the United States – Unveiled an agreement With Google ()GOOGL).

The partnership allows News Corp’s US, UK and Australian publications to be featured on Google’s News Showcase platform. But it also includes developing a subscription platform, sharing advertising revenue and investing in audio and video journalism.

Google declined to share the terms of that deal, but News Corp claimed it would receive “significant payments”.

News Corp Already cooperating With Facebook in the United States, where its publications are paid to be featured on social networks.

But the company was pushing for new regulations in Australia, where the debate was fierce about a media code that forces Big Tech to pay publishers for news shared on its platforms.

The debate began last month, days before the law was passed. When facebook decided The restriction Forcing news content, media organizations and even pages in anticipation of legislation in Australia Some unrelated essential services Go dark It eventually Restored News Stuff After the government agreed to make some changes in the law.
Before that, Google Was also threatened To pull up your search engine in the country. It later struck a separate deal, partnering with some of the country’s largest media organizations, including News Corp, to pursue the law.
How Facebook became;  Australia while Google was at the top
News Corp was done One of the fiercest supporters Of law. Company forced Cut jobs and shut down dozens of newspapers In Australia last year, saying that the coronovirus had suffered from the epidemic.
in Statement On Monday, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson called for the firm’s protracted battle, arguing that “Rupert and [co-chairman] Lachlan Murdoch led a global debate, while others in our industry were silent or careless. “

“It has been more than a decade in the making of digital demarcation,” he said. “The agreement with Facebook is a milestone in changing the terms of trade for journalism, and will have a content and meaningful impact on our Australian news businesses.”

Kerry Flynn contributed to this report.


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