Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fact Check: Biden administration officials falsely estimate infrastructure jobs

But some of these Biden executives incorrectly described one of the figures as central to their sales pitch. And while Biden’s description of the same figure on Friday was literally accurate, it was still very misleading by omissions.

The data under consideration is an estimate from Moody’s Analytics, a Wall Street research firm, about how many jobs the infrastructure proposal will generate. White House National Economic Council Director Brian Desse Claimed On Fox News on Sunday, Moody’s estimated the proposal would “create 19 million jobs.”
Secretary of Transportation Pete Battigg said using similar language in his own Sunday interviews On abc An independent analysis found that “it will create 19 million jobs” and On nbc That “it’s going to create 19 million jobs.”

A White House official said Deci says Moody’s helped the infrastructure proposal create 19 million jobs, not that he himself would create 19 million jobs. The Transport Department official said the same about Buttigieg.

When Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked Batigiag On Monday investigating the fact, Buttig properly explained Moody’s findings, telling the secretary that we found his Sunday claim to be false.

“I have to be precise about this,” said Batagi. “So Moody’s has a future, a scenario where the US jobs plan is passed, and in that scenario, he has seen the US economy creating 19 million jobs. And that bill is 2.7 million (more) than not passed. Is. The point is that it will contribute to a scenario where we create many jobs, and millions of them are only specifically responsible for the scheme. “

Moody estimates that the economy would have added about 15.7 million jobs between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2030 if the US Rescue Plan epidemic relief law had not been approved and if the infrastructure proposal had never been approved. In other words, Moody’s stated that both of these signature Biden plans would account for about 3.3 million jobs above the baseline scenario, with “no additional support” for the economy.

Biden’s Language

Biden’s description of the figure of “19 million” was more accurate than those offered by Dacey and Batigiag. But Biden’s language nonetheless invites the audience to misunderstand Moody’s conclusion.

Biden said In Friday’s speech: “Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs…”
Unlike Buttigieg and Deese, Biden said the estimate is not Infrastructure proposal Will create 19 million jobs. But the presidential gimmick failed to clarify that Moody’s believed that about 16.3 million of these 19 million jobs would be added, even though the infrastructure proposal was signed into law. White House press secretary Jane Saki also did not clarify the difference. Posted The figure of “19 million” at the Friday press briefing.
Jared Bernstein, a member of the Council of Economic Advisors, a separate White House official, used the figure of “19 million” in a much more transparent way than his colleagues (unless Batigiag reformed on Monday). Bernstein Constant Explained On Friday, CBS News Radio said that Moody’s only accounted for some of the 19 million estimated additional jobs the infrastructure offers, while some of the 19 million would be responsible for the US rescue plan that Biden put into law in March Signed and there will be some. Both plans made independently.

Bernstein said, “They report that they expect nonfarm payroll jobs … up to 19 million over the next decade. Some of these are rescue plans, some are job plans, some of which are underlying growth.”

This article has been updated with comments made by officials of Batigig and the Department of Transport after it was initially published.


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