Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Fences around the Capitol are down for more than 2 months after the rebellion

CNN saw the National Guardsman embarking on the removal process this weekend, and by Sunday, for nearly three months, a lot of black fences that had gutted the complex had been set aside, leaving joggers, cyclists and other visitors Ki was making way for the specific parade. Use the green space once again.

The expulsion would come as a welcome change to a public outcry used for a generous amount of base use, after a Trump supporter temporarily lost by the US Capitol Police on January 6 to a crowded building Something changed after he lost control of. He died five.

After weeks, officers erected fences – some of which were filled with barbed wire – and, apart from scores of guardsmen and other security people deployed around the perimeter, the only ones entering the grounds were lawmakers, staffers , Escorted guests and members of the media.

In addition to the reopened grounds, some roads near the complex also reopened to vehicular traffic this weekend.

CNN reported on Friday that Officials hoped that the fencing would come down over the weekend, Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgate is telling acting MPs and congressional staffers in a memorandum that the USCP, together with the Capitol’s architect, “will soon remove the outer perimeter fence around the Capitol complex.”

The memo stated that the decision was reached because “there does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants temporary security fencing.”

According to an email from the Department of the Interior, due to the increase in political climate and domestic violent extremism, the Capitol Police Force still believes it is growing in an atmosphere of danger, but it is also no credible threat to Congress or the Capitol. The police force said in the email that the plan could change if officers were aware of the new threats.

Some lawmakers had pressured the USCP to withdraw some of the security measures implemented after the riots, and congressional leaders are currently discussing A new $ 2 billion funding package According to sources, the January 6 attack will increase security around the Capitol and remove weaknesses.

Among the many sources to consider, there are a permanent fence around the Capitol, the presence of hundreds of new security personnel – either the National Guard or a military police – and an emergency to describe the new officers of the District of Columbia’s National Guard. To be sent in situations.


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