Tuesday, April 13, 2021

For Eddie Izzard, a ’99’ ice cream and a Waterloo sunset are wonders

3. “David Bowie: Finding Fame” The important thing to take your mind home in this documentary is that it shows the wilderness of 10 years before Bobby took off with Ziggy Stardust in 1972. It needs to be known that he was in his first band in 1962, when the Beatles were taking the bus. Is closed So the stamina that was 10 years old was taught, and also that for some time it seemed that things were coming to an end, but then did not give the rest of his career. I didn’t realize until I saw that he had closed the path several times in the early days, but he was regrouping and coming back.

४. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” by CS Lewis It is a great mystical adventure story to feed the imagination of children. You have to understand that I am dyslexic and therefore read very few books, but when I was younger I read all seven Narnia people. I later found out that Lewis was making a place in the series in Religion. But later, I realized that you can just ignore the symbolism if you want to.

5. “the great Escape” A classic war film and one that I have seen many times. This fact is based on truth, when there were not many war films in those days, it makes it even better. I love the film so much, I have also seen it in German. As I do my stand-up in German, I was playing Berlin, and I bought a DVD of the film there. If you switch to a German audio track and simply have English subtitles, then this is a different film. Suddenly they are all German talking, and so it simply becomes a battle between an extreme right regime and a people fighting for the return of humanity.

६. “Waterloo Sunset” Written and performed by Ray Davis of the Kinks. This is a song that I’ve always thought it was accidentally right for me because I knew exactly where to watch the Waterloo Sunset. Waterloo Bridge is my favorite London Bridge (we have several). When I was a street performer in Covent Garden, I used to walk across the bridge to perform in front of the Festival Hall in South Bank, London. And sometime soon after Kovid, I will perform inside the festival hall. And then I would watch another sunset and play “Waterloo Sunset” again.

“Pogles Wood” If you search for “Pogles Wood: Honey Bees” on YouTube, you can watch an episode of this early animated TV series that I was mesmerized with when I was about 5 years old. Usually if you look back at TV you find that you were entertaining at that age, you will find them tired and old fashioned in modern times. But “Pogles Wood” still holds up with its mix of animated characters, bizarre music and short pieces of live-action documentaries that show and teach you real-world things.

“99” Ice Cream What did people do before ice cream? nobody knows. But “99” is a major center of the British ice cream world. It is just a basic wafer cone with soft white vanilla ice cream, which rotates on top of it, but the genius difference that makes it a genius thing, this chocolate flake diagonally (always diagonally) stuck to the side of vanilla ice cream. goes.

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