Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Former ‘Bachelor’ star Ben Higgins discusses Chris Harrison controversy

Higgins said, “Chris is my friend. He’s been my friend for six years.” “It’s not like we see each other on a show. He’s a big part of my life. Like someone who sits in one place as his friend and I also consider Rachel Lindsay my friend So in the middle of this conversation they said it was a very strange place to sit. “

Higgins said, “What Chris said was not helpful, but still he is a friend and I want to see him grow and I love him because I think what friends are for each other should do.”

“But at the same time I am sitting here, which is being said that there is something that needs to be dealt with. These things are not right. We have to work towards racial reconciliation, we have to work for racial justice Have to do. ” To bring these subjects up so that we can be educated. “

Higgins says that the show’s Race issues have plagued the series For the year. SingleBachelorette Franchise, Which debuted in 2002, until Lindsay, who is Black, cast a person of color as its head.

“For years you were looking forward to seeing the development. You would expect to see progress. You hope the show will continue even further. ‘It looks like there is almost a forced hand now and I wish it could have been different. I wish it had The show could have been a few years ago.… I hope the show wants to be better, better for everyone. For the audience, for the contestants, for the culture itself. So that we are proud of it again. To be able to. “

Higgins said, “As a friend I don’t want to see anyone lose their job. But at the same time as someone on the show I know that there can be things that need to be done again, I have nothing to do with that.” Don’t say no. “

The former reality star has kept busy with her days on the show. He is currently in the midst of planning his wedding and is highlighting his advocacy work on human trafficking as an ambassador for this Orphan Myth Campaign. He has also taken out a new book “Alone in plane site.”

He said, “The book is like my magazine, a little bit of my story, the stories around me and a lot about the people who influence me.” “This is a book for someone who feels alone or disconnected. The book is meant to show people that we are not alone, that we are together, that we all have pain and struggle and fear and doubt and Within the question and those people, we can actually find the connecting point. “


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