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Former presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama urge Americans to vaccinate

The campaign has two advertisements: a minute-long, more personal space that shows four former presidents and former First Ladies receiving their vaccines, and another in which Clinton, Bush and Obama stand together to help Americans step up and Urge to be vaccinated. .

The advertising campaign survives almost every member of the so-called President’s Club, a prominent group of former commanders. Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump have not been featured in either advertisement, the only surviving president and the first woman to participate. Is CNN previously reported Both received the coronovirus vaccine at the White House in January but did not make the fact public until weeks after leaving Washington.

The advertisements are being released at a critical time in the fight against coronovirus and a pandemic was declared a year before the outbreak.

With vaccines becoming more widely available in cities and states across the country, those in charge of getting the vaccine into the arms of Americans are eager to use the influence of people like the former president to push people to get their shots. Can be given Vaccine inhibition remains an issue, Even though the number of people who hesitate to get a vaccine is falling rapidly.

Bush said that Kovid’s vaccines “will soon be available to all,” starting long after Obama says the vaccine means “hope” that it will “protect” you and whom you Loves dangerous and deadly disease. “

The ad then tells the presidents what they have missed during the epidemic and why they want to be vaccinated. Clinton says he wants to “go back to work” and “be able to go around.” Obama says he remembers meeting his mother-in-law and wants to “hug him and see him on his birthday.” And Bush says he is “looking forward to going to Opening Day at Texas Rangers Stadium with the entire stadium.”

Carter does not speak on camera, but the 96-year-old president said during the spot that he was being vaccinated “because we want this epidemic to end as soon as possible.”

The ad ends with all four former presidents urging Americans to get the vaccine in the form of images of Jimmy and Rosaline Carter, Barack and Michelle Obama, George and Laura Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Obama says, “Therefore, we urge you to get vaccinated when it becomes available.”

“Roll up your sleeves and do you participate,” Bush says.

“This is our shot,” Clinton says.

“Now it’s up to you,” Carter concluded, as the image of the smiling former president holding his vaccine card stopped advertising.

According to CNN dataApproximately 93.7 million vaccine doses have been administered in the United States, with the Food and Drug Administration issuing emergency use authorizations for three vaccines: two-shot Pfizer / BioNtech and Modern vaccines, and single-dose Johnson & Johnson one.
Coronovirus has become infected 29 million people in the United States, Killing over 529,000 Americans. Death toll has reached worldwide About 2.6 million.

In second place Clinton, Bush and Obama stand together at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Ceremony. The trio came there on 20 January for a ceremony during the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

The ad has been framed as an address to the American people by three former presidents, with Bush launching the ad saying, “Our fellow Americans,” before Clinton says, “Right now, the Kovid-19 vaccine is among millions of Americans.” Are available for. “And Obama says,” And soon they will be available to everyone. “

“The science is clear, these vaccines will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease,” Bush says. “Therefore, we urge you to get vaccinated when it is available to you.”

“This is the first step to end the epidemic and move our country forward,” Obama says. “this is up to you.”

The ads are part of a collaboration between the Kovid Collaborative Project and the Advertising Council, a non-profit organization producing and promoting public service announcements. The council said the project, with four former presidents and first women, began in December 2020 and is being released on Thursday as vaccines are becoming widely available.

“In this epidemic, we need to help every American so that all Americans can recover,” said Gov. Durk Kempthorne, former Rep. Of Idaho and former Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, co-president of COVID Cooperation. “These former presidents and the First Lady have come together, showing that each of us, regardless of political party, has a stake in beating the virus.”

The Advertising Council said the ads would appear nationwide from time to time and would be donated to them by a series of television and digital platforms. They will start airing from this week.

In statements to CNN, each former president urged Americans to get vaccinated.

“Over the past year, the epidemic has had a widespread impact on families across the country and lives of all,” Obama said, and Mitchell vaccinated “because we know it will bring back the country and The best way to run. Then. “

Bush said he and Laura are “grateful to the dedicated scientists and researchers who enabled safe and effective vaccines to develop so quickly” and urged Americans to get the vaccine.

Clinton said that America “has always been the best when we are looking for each other and pulling together into common causes,” adding that she and Hillary believe vaccines are “the epidemic.” To bring us one step closer to ending it. “

And Carter said that he and Rosaline had received the vaccine, so that they could “come back to church, see our children, grandchildren and great-grandfathers, and eventually be active in our community again.”

“I encourage everyone to get vaccinated when it is their turn,” he said.

The Biden administration has vaccinated Americans for both their fight against the coronovirus and its message around the success of the president’s first 100 days. Biden made a pledge in his administration to achieve 100 million shots of weapons within his first 100 days, a goal he is likely to achieve. Will biden Give your first primetime address to the country Thursday night, where he will mark the one-year anniversary of the epidemic.

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story tarnished the relationship between ad-producing groups. Kovid is a partner of the Allied Advertising Council.


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