Tuesday, April 13, 2021

French open is delayed a week

The French Open has been postponed for a week and will be played from 30 May to 13 June, the second consecutive year it has been affected by the coronovirus epidemic.

France, which has suffered a third wave of coronavirus infection on Saturday Entered a new nationwide lockdown Which can last for more than a month. Unprofessional shops and schools have been closed, and officials have maintained a one-night curfew that has been in place for months.

Organizers said on Thursday that they hoped the new dates would give spectators more time to participate safely and improve public health conditions. The lockout is expected in mid-May, giving tournament officials two weeks to prepare for the Grand Slam event.

“Every week is important and can make a difference,” French Open organizers Said in a statement.

The two-week tournament in Paris, one of the game’s four Grand Slam competitions, was scheduled to begin on 23 May and run until 6 June. It will now begin on May 30 and end on June 13, two weeks before it begins. Wimbledon June 28, Which will not be delayed.

French tennis federation president Gilles Moreton also suggested fans to be able to attend the event. The delay, Morton said, “should allow more time to improve health conditions and optimize our opportunities to welcome audiences at Roland Garros.”

“For the fans, the players and the atmosphere,” he said, “the presence of spectators is important for our tournament.”

The plan – an agreement with both government officials and international tennis leaders – means the competition will not be scheduled for the second consecutive year. While Wimbledon will remain on its schedule, changes in France will probably lead to a reshuffle in a series of grass-court tournaments.

Last spring, organizers shifted the start of the French Open to the end of September, believing that the epidemic that ravaged Western Europe in the first months of 2020 would escalate into summer. The game came to a halt after some consultation with other tennis organizers.

It eventually also helped many top European players, including former world No.1 Rafael Nadal. Skip the united states open, Which took place in early September. Players had little time to recover from the Grand Slam event played on the hardcourt and to prepare for one on clay. The move paid off for Nadal, who won a record 13th French Open Men’s Singles Title In October. The organizers limited the crowd to only 1,000 spectators each day.

Since months, as Infection rate in france Europeans remain at a high level and as the European Union struggles to deliver coronovirus vaccines, the organizers of the French Open are once again studying the conditions to hold the signing ceremony in front of a small crowd. However, last week, French President Emmanuel Macron enacted Third National Lockout As the rate of coronovirus infection increased, the tournament progressed.

Subsequently, the president of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moreton, said that if the citizens of France are still under ban next month, the organization may have to consider canceling the event.

“If we are told a general imprisonment for two months, we will necessarily have to take measures – at worst, to complete the cancellation, but I did not imagine it,” Morton told Agnes France-Presse.

Prior to the new lockdown, Macron had tried to keep France open, hoping that increased vaccination would help slow the spread of the virus. Instead, with Kovid-19’s 100,000 dead from the country, he shut down all but the most essential businesses, citizens limited to a radius of six miles from their homes, banned travel between areas and at 7 pm Curfew was imposed from 6 o’clock in the morning. The game is still allowed to take place, but without spectators.

Macron has said that he hopes to reopen the country by mid-May, which will leave only a few days for the organizers to prepare for the arrival of hundreds of players from dozens of countries, although many of them will likely come to Italy once they arrive. Will open from

Touring tennis players have been living for months in the bubble-like settings that each tournament has created with the goal of transmitting the virus to players and the local population.

The first Grand Slam event of the year in Australia, ending the community spread of the virus, organizers Dozens of them ended up in a difficult two-week quarantine, before the foreign players reached limited quarantine for two weeks, mingled with the rest, and tested positive upon the arrival of several people.

A ban has begun on players, who are unable to travel with their general support teams and family members and must restrict their movements to their hotels and tennis venues.

“I understand the reasons for this, but from a physical and mental health perspective, I don’t know if it’s sustainable,” Danielle Collins, a top American player, said last week after exiting the Miami Open. “It can be very challenging.”

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