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German government calls for small nationwide shutdown

Brazilian President Jair Bolonsaro speaks during a press conference on March 31 at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil. Andrés Einhelt / Bloomberg / Getty Image

Brazilian President Jair Bolonsaro brushed aside criticisms that he is a “genocide” in protest against the Kovid-19 sanctions, as the nation recorded it Epidemic initial 24 hours till now.

Brazil reported A record 4,195 new Kovid-19 deaths.The latest Health Ministry data revealed on Tuesday. With the new figures, the total death toll from the country’s total epidemic rose to 336,947.

Bolsonaro, who has continued to reduce the severity of his country’s health crisis, brushed off Claims he was guilty To the zealous death of the nation. The president has repeatedly opposed lockdowns and restrictive measures, and criticized governors and mayors with derogatory language for enforcing them.

“They called me homophobic, racist, fascist, a torturer and now… now what?” Now I am … someone who kills a lot of people? Massacre! Now, I am committing genocide, ”he told supporters outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Brasilia on Tuesday evening, according to the video on YouTube.

Many of Bolsonaro’s political opponents have accused him of “genocide”, using the term loosely to mark the consequences of his Kovid-19 response.

“Am I not to blame here in Brazil?” He made a statement in the video.

The Brazilian leader also suggested that the epidemic is an invention of the media that could be solved by providing outlets with government subsidies.

“I can solve the problem with the virus in a few minutes. I just have to pay what Globo paid governments in the past, to Folha [de São Paulo]”O Estado de São Paulo,” he said, referring to one nationwide broadcaster and two São Paulo-based newspapers. “Now, that money is not for the press, it is for other things.”

Bolsonaro then reiterated his anti-ban stance, arguing – unfairly – that states that have taken drastic measures are experiencing high mortality rates.

“Which state has the most locks?” Sao Paulo. Which person dies the most proportionately? Sao Paulo, “he falsely claimed.

Although São Paulo has the highest number of deaths, it ranks 10th in per capita deaths.

Bolsonaro also said that the locking would be counterproductive, as people would fall prey to the virus.

“I noticed in some recent research that people who have a healthy lifestyle are eight times less likely to have a Kovid problem,” he said. “You lock people up at home… what does he do at home? I suspect that they have not increased their weight slightly since last year to this year.

“Even I increased my stomach a little bit,” he joked.

Cases have been spiraling in Brazil: On Tuesday, Brazil recorded the deadliest day of the pandemic. Additionally, according to the Ministry of Health, 86,979 new Kovid-19 cases have been reported across the country, increasing the number of infections to 13,100,580.

According to the World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological update, global Kovid-19 cases increased for the sixth consecutive week on Tuesday.

India, along with Brazil, the United States, Turkey and France, reported the most new Kovid-19 cases globally.

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Bolsonaro downplayed criticism because he is a 'genocide' as Brazil recorded 4,000 deaths per day.


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