Giancarlo DiTrano, Difficultly Independent Book Publisher, dies at 47

In 2016, Mr. DiTrano edited “Cherry, An autobiographical novel by ” Nico walker, Which was adapted as a film starring Tom Holland, was released this year. “Cherry” tells the story of an Iraqi psychotic drug addict who develops a heroin addiction and starts robbing banks after returning to civilian life. Mr. Walker while in prison. Worked with DiTrano, communicating via email on a computer that would take a minute off to use. Noting that the project could be soaked with the resources of a large house, Mr. DiTrano sold the rights to Knopf, which in 2018 published “Cherry”.

“Jian wanted people who had something to say, and he was good at finding those people,” Mr. Walker said in a phone interview. “He was interested in the author beyond the book. He wanted the author with the story. Who had perspective. And that gravitas to outsiders.

In 2018, Mr. DiTrano published Megan Boyle’s “LiveBlog”, a 707-page pilot history “Everything I do, think, feel, and say” is based on the author’s intent. In 2017, he showed me a really healthy person by Darcy Wilder’s “A Twitter-Influenced Short” The novel.

“The biggest influence young writers have on writing today, is the Internet – and what’s going to happen to those who have the same influence as us?” Mr. DiTrapano said in a The interview In 2014 with Stunned British magazine. “We don’t think about going in so far.”

A hoarse bon vivant, m. DiTrano resorted to the myth of the rowdy literary New York. When he liked a writer, he could take that person out for drinks at his favorite hangout, Kgb bar In the former village. Late and foggy nights with its writers at the dictator’s headquarters – Operation Her book-clotted studio was located in an apartment apartment on West 46th Street before moving to Rome in 2016 – constituting her office hours.

Michael wrote the bible Los Angeles Books Review When he visited the dictator in 2013, Mr. DiTrano greeted him with a silver tray of Xanax, whiskey and cocaine. The next morning, Mr. Bible said, he took the mr. Wrote to DiTrano: “How did I get home last night?” Then he discovered a new closed pack of his favorite brand of cigarettes in his pants pocket.

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