Gigi Hadid explains why she doesn’t want her daughter’s face in media photos

posted by hadid open letter on Twitter on Tuesday, in which he told media and fan accounts to please continue to keep Khai’s face out of photos, or blur his face in pictures if they are published.

“I know laws change from state to state, and I’ve seen some paparazzi photos of kids in NYC with blurry faces—but, from asking around, I believe it’s the photographer, publication Or comes down to the integrity of the fans. Sharing the images,” Hadid wrote. “I write this all to say: To the paparazzi, the press, and beloved fan accounts, you know, we intentionally put our daughters’ face Not shared on social media. We wish he could choose how to share himself with the world when he came. And that she can live as normal a childhood as possible, without worrying about a public image she hasn’t chosen.”

“It will mean the world to us, as we take our daughter to NYC and the world to see and explore, if you please, blur her face with images, and if she is caught on camera, I know it’s going to take an extra effort, but as a new mom, I want the best for my baby, as do all parents,” Hadid wrote.

Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and other celebrity parents have advocated for legislation in the past to better protect their children’s privacy from offensive photographers.


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