Thursday, May 6, 2021

GLAAD Media Awards 2021: Winners List

The event celebrates the best in the community, and the comedy “Shits Creek” received the award for Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row.

Actress and producer Neesi Nash hosted the awards show, with special performances by CHIKA, Rebecca Black and Nash’s wife, Jessica Bates.

“Happiest Season” (Hulu / Tristar Pictures)

Outstanding Film – Limited Release

“The Boys in the Band” (Netflix)

Excellent documentary

“Disclosure” (Netflix)

Super comic series

“Shits Creek” (pop)

Excellent drama series

“Star Trek: Discovery” (CBS All Access)

Outstanding tv movie

“Uncle Frank” (Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series

“I can destroy you” (HBO)

Super reality program

“We are here” (HBO)

Outstanding children’s programming

“Not-to-Let Show with Elmo” (HBO Max)

Excellent Kids and Family Programming

[TIE]: “First Day” (Hulu) and “She-Ra and the Princess of Power” (DreamWorks Animation / Netflix)

Outstanding music artist

Sam Smith, “Love Fart” (Capital)

Outstanding decisive music artist

Cheeka, “The Industry Game” (Warner Records)

Outstanding video games

[Tie]: Tell Me Why (DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios) and

The Last of Us Part II (Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Classic comic book

Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zadarski, Anthony Olivera, Valerio Ceresi, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marte Gracia, Tryna Farrell, Joe Carmana, Ari, Empire, Lord of Empire: Emperor Hulkling, Empire: Aftermath Avengers, Travis Lanham (Marvel Comics)

Outstanding variety or talk show episodes

“Lily responds to comments about her sexuality” A little while with Lily Singh (NBC)

Excellent tv journalism section

“Dwyane Wade One-on-One: Basketball Legend Reveals Helpful Transgender Daughter” Good Morning America (ABC)

Outstanding TV Journalism – Long-Form

“ABC News Joe Biden Town Hall” (ABC)

Outstanding print text

“20 LGBTQ + People Working to Save Lives on the Frontline” by Diane Anderson-Minshall, David Artavia, Tracy Gilchrist, Desri Guerrero, Jeffrey Masters, Donald Padgate and Daniel Reynolds (The Advocate).

Excellent magazine overall coverage

The people

Excellent online journalism article

“During the epidemic of coronavirus virus after gay men stay away from donating blood after witching” by Tony Morrison and Joel Lyons (

Excellent online journalism – video or multimedia

“Stop Killing Us: Life Experiences of Black Transgender Women” by Complex World (Complex News)

Outstanding blog


Barbara Gatings Award for Excellence in LGBTQ Media

Windy city times

Special recognition

“Forever” (Amazon)

Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast

“Happiest Season” soundtrack (Face / Warner Records)

“Noah’s Ark: The Rona Chronicles” (Patrick Ian-Pollock Entertainment)

“Out” (Pixar / Disney +)

“Razor Tongue” (YouTube)

“The Son” episode, “Little America” ​​(Apple TV +)

Outstanding Spanish-language scripted television series

“Veneno” (HBO Max)

Excellent Spanish-language TV journalism

“La Harma de Aleda Ortiz Narra Como Salio del Closet y Como to Lo Comunico a su Familia” Despiretta Emerica (Univision)

Outstanding Spanish-language online journalism article

“Desparacio en Mexico, Solo to Halarón Sus Restos: La Historia de la Doctoria Maria Elizabeth Montanaso y su Importancia para la Comunidad Trans” por Albinson Linares y Marina – Franco (

Excellent Spanish-language online journalism – video or multimedia

“Soya Trance: El Camino a Nuevo Despert” por Sara Moreno, Esther Piccolino, Y Jose Cipuleveda (El Nuevo Herald)

Special recognition (Spanish-language)

Jessie and Joey, “Love (ES Nustro Idioma)”


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