Sunday, May 9, 2021

Glenn Close doing ‘Da Butt’ at the Oscars after losing for the eighth time is a lesson we didn’t need

The respected actress was part of a moment of laughter during the Academy Awards in which she showcased her musical knowledge and dance moves.

During a segment on the show, comedian and actor Lil Rev Howery revealed the Oscar-nominated songs.

Close knew quite a bit about Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt”.

The Go-Go band, which goes by the EU, is one of the most venerated in the Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia area (known by those as, e.g., discontinued as “DMV”) and their songs featured in Spike Lee’s 1988 It gained international fame after being held. The film “School Days”.

The actress not only knew the song, but she got up to perform it.

Let’s all say it together: ICONIC !!

Given that Klose has been nominated for an Academy Award eight times and has never taken an Oscar home, it was a bit of a balm to take her to the night for such a performance.

If you’ve ever seen Close in his 1987 hit film “Fatal Attraction”, then you know he won’t be ignored.


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