Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Golf balls and pickleball are a love affair

Last summer, at one of their properties in Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the group renovated their tennis stadium as a human phosphball court.

“We hit the pool noodles on the tennis court and you taped in your noodle,” Mr. Southworth said. “We played a 10-on-10 football game then, but you could only shuffle left and right. It was a huge hit. “

But not all of Southworth’s efforts were successful. A drone race was a memorable failure. “It put up a lot of feathers,” Mr. Southworth said.

Whatever the activity, a casual dress code is an important component to attract young guests. Mr Meldman, who has built two dozen Discovery Land assets in North America and the Caribbean and is his first European property set to open in Portugal, said players could wear the kind of dress that would get them out of most country clubs Will do it.

“People stop in their bathing suits on their way to the beach club, go to the hit ball and play golf,” said club people in Baker Bay, Bahamas. “Many clubs have rules and traditions. I love them But it is also good to know that you are ramping up the game, having people stop at the driving range in their bathing suits and pick up a club. If we were a more traditional club that would never happen. “

In other places, there is a move towards making the resort more cosmopolitan.

There are six golf courses at Reynolds Lake Oconee, 90 miles from Atlanta, and 20 years ago it was all about golf. In the last three years, the number of international residents there has increased from just 20 to 300, and they are looking for more things.

The developers have decided to build an 80-acre city village, with restaurants and fitness centers on the water. It is meant to entice 2,400-year-old residents of the vast community to take a stroll along the lake.

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