Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Grammy Ready Epidemic Show as Weekend Boycats Future Awards

But Grammis is a particularly public target, and whether the academy’s move will satisfy its critics is unclear. He came after a confrontation with the last head of the academy, Deborah Dugan, who was brought in as a change agent Rejected after five months on the job – and the day before last year’s ceremony. The academy said it abused an employee, but Dugan said he was retaliated for criticizing the institution. In a legal complaint, it accused the academy of inconsistency of voting and a large-scale conflict of interests. Their case is in arbitration, and both parties declined to comment on it.

The conflict with Weekend goes to the heart of concerns that the Grammy’s voting process is flawed. It also shows Fulcrum that the Grammys are the representations between art and commerce: its purpose is to recognize the work that its members – artists, producers, and songwriters – value most, but the academy is essentially about rewarding success. Let’s face the pressure.

Chris Enokute, a longtime music executive, said he trusts Mason as a leader but is less confident of what happens behind closed doors at the academy. The Weeknd, Enochute said, “clearly made the album of the year,” at least as far as popularity goes.

“If his peers didn’t vote for him, it’s a shame – if that’s true,” Enochute said. “We do not really believe that there is truth; there’s no way. But we don’t really know. “

For viewers at home, these issues can be invisible. The Grammys, originally planned for January Postponed for six weeks On concerns about the spread of coronaviruses in California. The show’s new executive producer, Ben Winston, has designed Grams as an antidote to the Disconnected Epidemic Awards, which sounds like a video conference.

The performance will take place over five stages, with each other facing each other in the rounds, with awards near the general home of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Some will be taped, some will be live, but the continuation of their presentation will make it difficult to tell which is which.

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