Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Grammys 2021: Awards Show Gramples with Pandemic and Tumal

Behind the scenes, however, the central plays of grammar remained as strong as ever.

Beyoncé, the pop god whose every action is online hyper-analysis, was the night’s biggest contender, with nine nominations in eight categories. Although she became a 24-time Grammy winner at this year’s ceremony, only one of her previous awards was in one of the major categories, in 2010 as a songwriter for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On)”. All his other awards were in the genre categories below the ballot – discussing the history of minor color awards for women and people of color, usually citing one of several examples of grammar critics.

At an opening ceremony Sunday afternoon, where 72 of the night’s 83 awards were presented, Beyoncé took two awards: Best Rap Performance, Megan Thea Stallion’s “Savage”, and Best Music Video for “Brown Skin Girl”. (Which she shared with her 9-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter).

Eilish and his brother, Phineas, shared an early award for the best song written for visual media for the theme song of the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die”, which was launched by Pandemic Was delayed and still has not been released.

The initial awards were also won by Fiona Apple, who won Best Rock Performance for “Shemika” and “Bolt Cutter,” an alternate album for a big critical hit. (Hours before the show starts, Apple Posted online Because she was in the midst of rock’s brightest light in the early 2000s, Strokes won her first Grammy, Best Rock Album for “The New Abnormal”.

Swift and Lipa are one of the six awards, including two aspects of epistemology with music. Swift’s pared-down, acoustic album “Folklore” was one of two that she made last year in quarantine; Lipa’s disco-dead “Future Nostalgia”, which was closing in on the world of music, was a joyous release as soon as the usual nightly rites of pop had disappeared.

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