Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Hunter Biden says he is ‘absolutely certain’ he will be sanctioned for misrepresenting him in DOJ investigation into business dealings

“I can say, am I cooperating, fully. And I am absolutely certain, 100% certain, that at the end of the investigation, that I will be cleared for any wrongdoing, “ Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son told CBS News in an interview broadcast Sunday.
Federal investigators are actively looking In the business dealings of the younger Biden, a person with knowledge of the investigation told CNN in December. According to two people in the investigation, Hunter Biden and his colleagues have been investigating a number of financial issues, including whether or not they violated tax and money laundering laws in business practice in foreign countries, mainly China.

Activity in the investigation went undercover for a time in 2020, as Justice Department guidelines show that according to one of the people influencing the investigation, that could affect the election, but after the election was over The investigation entered a new phase.

Biden also defended taking a position on the board of Barisma Holdings in 2014, a Ukrainian energy company that played a role in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, saying he underestimated that it was against him How it will be used

“I don’t think I made a mistake in taking a position on the board. I think I made a mistake in underestimating the way I used it,” he told CBS in a new interview.

“Everyone knows that not an investigative body, not a serious journalist, has never come to the conclusion that I did anything wrong, or that my father did anything wrong,” Biden said.

In the interview, Biden stated that he did not think the option of accepting his job would present an issue, but in his upcoming memoir, Biden admitted that if he was offered the job again, they would take it for granted Will say “no”, if only to avoid scrutiny according to the CNN review of the book.

“There’s no question my last name was an iconic credential,” Biden writes of why Burma was attracted to hiring him for a lot of money and some obscure role.

Biden’s book, Which is set for release on Tuesday, the last day of his life, with a close relationship with his late brother, Beau Biden, sets the history to date, and sheds insight into what it was like to be Joe Biden’s What was there to make the son grow up.

The book also discusses Hunter Biden’s drug and alcohol addiction, things he talked about in a CBS interview. He recalled an episode during the interview in which his father, who was then vice president, paid him a visit to tell him about his drinking.

“He came to my apartment once, and this is when he was still in the position of vice-president. And so he ate his secret service, found a way to come home, and I said, ‘What are you doing here. ? He said, ‘Honey, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘Dad, I’m fine.’ They said, ‘You are not well’.

He said the incident hindered rehab.

Biden also said in the interview that he and his father speak every day, with the president usually calling them every night before bed.

“Not only does he talk to me every night, but he calls every one of my daughters, he talks to every one of them every day. And he talks to me,” Biden said of his conversation with his father. Said, this is something like that. The President has always done it.

CNN’s Kate Bennett, Evan Perez and Pamela Brown contributed to this report.


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