Tuesday, April 13, 2021

In ‘Duck Dynasty’, Corey and Willie Robertson speak of ‘ugly remarks’ about the inferior child

The pair were paired by another married couple from reality TV, “Love and Hip Hop”, to Yandy and Mendières Harris, who are Black.

Roberts adopted her newborn baby, Will Robertson Jr., as a newborn, after which it was said that the wait was long until they adopted a jirati child.

Corey Robertson said he never really thought about the race until the show became a hit and the audience chanted “Who’s the black kid?” Like he started making comments about his son? .

“When the ‘Duck Dynasty’ hit, we were making all kinds of lewd comments when we were on television and all these racist people were on you,” said Willie Robertson, “For us, it was weird because then he could see Huh.”

When Willie was recalled, he was told it would take a few years to adopt, unless he was interested in a Birla child, noting agencies said “they are the hardest to live in the South.”

Now 19 and in college, Willie Robertson Jr. said he was the only black student in his class.

“I’ll look at myself in the mirror and look like, ‘Oh, I’m a little darker,” he said. “I’m a little tenor right now.”

Harris spoke to the family about issues including subliminal prejudice, police pulled little Robertson and needed to discuss the importance of accepting his race.

“I think there must be love that connects a family,” Yendy Harris told the teenager. “But I also think it is important wherever you are to know your history and to know your roots.”


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