In Her Memoir, Martha Teichner Turned the Lens on Her Own Life

In Her Memoir, Martha Teichner Turned the Lens on Her Own Life

Women’s best friend As a long-time correspondent for CBS, Martha Tcher Some of the biggest news events in the world have been covered, including the Persian Gulf War, the election of Nelson Mandela and the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In her first book, “When Harry Met Minnie”, she tells a story that happened close to home.

On July 23, 2016, Tenner and his bull terrier, Minnie, were at a farmer’s market in Union Square, Manhattan, when he ran into a friend who told him about another bull terrier, Harry, who had a new home. Was needed; His boss was dying of cancer and was desperate for his student’s stable future. Teichner agreed to meet the pair, establishing the unpredictable pace and canine romance he chronicles in his memoir, which recently appeared on the hardcover nonfiction list.

“It’s a short story in a big city,” Tcher said in a phone interview while interacting with Giri, her latest in a long line of sometimes problematic, deeply endearing bull terriers. “That’s why people often think of New York as an anonymous place. But it is a wonderful thing to be ready to try and see the possibility of a split between yourself and others. It can happen anywhere, not just in this city. “

In their initial meetings, Teikner recalled, Minnie had completely ignored Harry and he was only interested in behaving in the pocket of the tcher. But for the third or fourth time when Harry came to meet, the pair had warmed up to each other. “To start playing the dogs, to see them lying on the floor with each other, their paws clasped together, physical comfort between them – when I realized it was a love story,” said Techner. They looked at each other. They spoke the telepathic dog language. “

While the affair caused the pain of losing a friend – and later, a dog – Tichener never regretted saying yes that day to the Greenmarket. “It’s not something people always do. You will get into your routine, your obligations, your ruts if you will, ”she explained. “But when I opened that door, I knew something special and important was about to intensify. Happy endings come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. I think that was a pleasant experience in what happened to me.

Teichner wrote “When Harry Met Minnie” while drinking ginger tea and consulted his old diaries for detail. He said, “I wrote the book to live the story. I was telling myself this. “



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