Friday, May 7, 2021

In the rural Watson legal filing, the civil suit says ‘Simply Not True’

Countryside Watson, the star Houston Texans quarterback, on Monday officially denied the allegations of 22 women who claimed she had indulged in sexual misconduct against him during massage therapy sessions, accusing those women of money in a civil court Accused of fabricating their stories for.

According to the filing, which addresses all 22 claims against Watson, “these lawsuits are replete with misconduct of Mr. Watson’s conduct.” They range from misguided, to fraud, to slander. “

Watson received the names of all his accused only last week after the trial against him began in mid-March. Two of his accused voluntarily identified themselves in April and were judges that month Women who bring suits against Watson must identify themselvesAccording to state law.

Since then, Watson and his attorneys have scrambled to investigate the plaintiffs and their claims, and in court filing said they have discovered evidence that “many of the allegations of this attack are simply not true or accurate.” Denying some of the allegations, Filing said eight of the seven women who had been massaging Watson had come and seven were “voluntarily or offered to work” with Watson after alleged misconduct , Which also included a woman who showed up before her house gave her another massage before making an appointment with her.

Dahil also claimed that some plaintiffs told others that they “want to withdraw money from Watson”, some accused lied about being hurt by Watson’s conduct and some erased their social media accounts Given or destroyed, erased evidence Watson would need to mount a proper defense.

“I really believe this is a cash grab against a wealthy athlete,” Watson’s leading lawyer Rustin Hardin said in a telephone interview on Monday. “If you are asking, ‘Are you saying that all 22 are lying about whether they have committed sexual misconduct?” I sure am.”

Hardin said at an April 9 news conference that there were “some consensual encounters” between Watson and his allegations.

The plaintiff’s lead lawyer, Tony Boozebee, said in a statement Monday that Watson’s response to the allegations did nothing to help his cause. He filed Watson’s “weak and vague” accusations against his charges in Monday’s court as “denstrabe false.”

“As fully anticipated and despite the previous statements of his lawyer, Deon Watson’s only defense is to lie to these brave women,” Buzbee said.

Monday’s court filing is just one step in a lengthy legal process that can take months to complete, if not more than a year. In the lawsuits, the 25-year-old Watson has been accused of indulging in a pattern of lewd behavior with women he hired to massage him through social media platforms this year and last. They are claimed to expose themselves during a massage, walk their bodies with their female massage therapists to touch their penis, or insist on women touching them in a sexual way. In two cases, the women say that she forced them to have oral sex.

At least one other massage therapist, who had not brought a lawsuit against Watson, had publicly accused him of equal treatment, although he did not appoint Buzzbee to represent him. He told Sports Illustrated In late March she was considering legal action.

A court document filed on Monday stated that one of those two plaintiffs accused Watson of forcibly sexually abusing her.

“He asked her to pay $ 30,000 for indefinite silence because her encounter would be ’embarrassing’,” the court said of one of the accused.

The plaintiff also asked Watson’s marketing manager for a copy of the illegal agreement he and Watson had signed “because he did not want his industry people to know that he had provided oral sex to his massage client” , “Filing said Watson is a recording of a phone call of a conversation in which he discusses his concerns.

Hardin requested a jury trial in a court document on Monday. He later explained that a trial could be the only way the public could weigh all the evidence and correctly decide what happened between Watson and the women he hired to massage him.

“I am completely comfortable that if there is a jury trial one day, a jury will find every one of these charges to be false,” Hardik said. “But if we have to resort to the court, there is still a long way to go.”

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