Tuesday, April 13, 2021

India reports highest daily total of 115,000 new Kovid-19 cases

According to CNN data from India’s Ministry of Health, 115,736 new cases of coronovirus occurred in India on Wednesday, the most single day since the epidemic.

India has seen a spurt in Kovid-19 cases since March. On Monday, the country reported 103,558 new cases, surpassing the previous daily high of around 98,000 cases recorded during the peak of the first wave in September last year.

“The impact of the epidemic in the country has deteriorated. VK Paul, a member of the Indian government-led thinktank Niti Aayog, said on Tuesday that the situation had been warned that the situation should not be taken care of … the rate of rising cases is higher than last time. He said that the next four weeks would be important.

On Wednesday, India also reported 630 virus-related fatal incidents. According to the Ministry of Health, its total coronavirus death toll is now 166,177.

New Restrictions: Many Indian cities and states have restored coronovirus restrictions in the second wave. Maharashtra has imposed weekend lockdowns and curfews, the Union Territory of Delhi has ordered a night curfew, and in the western state of Gujarat, a night curfew has been implemented in 20 cities.

Some states, including Maharashtra and Delhi, have asked the central government to lower the age limit for eligible people to take the Kovid-19 vaccine, which is currently set at 45.

However, the government said that it is necessary to vaccinate health workers and vulnerable groups first on Tuesday.

“The goal is to save those who are vulnerable and protect health services, the goal is never to give the vaccine to those who want it, the goal is to give it to those who need it,” Rajesh Bhushan, Indian Secretary Health Ministry said


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