Friday, May 7, 2021

Inside the Wall Street Journal’s fight for the future

The report argued that the paper should attract new readers – in particular, women, people of color and young professionals – by focusing more on topics such as climate change and income inequality. Among its suggestions: “We strongly recommend efforts to introduce more women and people of color in all our stories.”

A review of the content has not been formally shared with the newsroom and its recommendations have not been implemented, but is affecting how people work: an impasse over the report led to a divided newsroom Has done, according to interviews with 25 current and former staff members. The company, he says, refrains from making the proposed changes because a running power struggle between Mr. Murray and the new The publisher, Almar Latour, has contributed to a deadlock that poses a threat to the future of the journal.

Mr Murray and Mr Latur, 50, represent the two extremities of the model Murdoch employee. Mr. Murray is the tactful editor; Mr. Latour Brash is an entrepreneur. Both rose at the same time within the organization. When the moment came Gerry baker 2018 saw both as top editors Claimant.

According to people with knowledge of the case, the two men never supported. Or as an executive who knows that the two say it well, “They hate each other.” Digital Strategy’s report has only heightened tensions in their relationship – and, with it, the direction of the crown jewel in the Murdoch news empire.

Their long-standing commercial rivalry comes down to both personality and outlook. Mr. Murray is more thoughtful, while Mr. Latour is quicker to act. But according to people familiar to him, the origin of his friction is still a mystery.

Dow Jones disputed that characterization in a statement, saying that there was no estrangement between the editor and the publisher. It also cited “record profits and record subscriptions”, attributed to “knowledge of its current strategy”. Both Mr. Murray and Mr. Latour declined to be interviewed for this article.

Nearly a month after the report was presented, Ms. Story’s strategy team worried that her work might never see the light of day, three people aware of the matter said, and a draft was submitted to the journal’s own media reporters One of them was leaked, Jeffrey Trachenberg. He filed a detailed article on it late last summer.

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