Sunday, May 9, 2021

Investigation in progress

A source directly related to Murphy said that he quit the job, not specifically Getz’s legal troubles, But because the “media circus” surrounding Republicans made it difficult to accomplish “meaningful congressional work”.

Getz’s office did not respond to multiple inquiries about Murphy’s employment status.

new York Times Previously reported That Murphy left Getz’s office.

Murphy’s decision comes after Gates’ former communications director Luke Ball quit the job soon after the FBI investigation was revealed.

Getz has denied any wrongdoing and specifically stated that he never paid for sex or had sex with a 17-year-old as an adult.

While Murphy and Ball quit their jobs, Gatz received public support from some members of his remaining staff. On Thursday, her office made a statement on behalf of the eight female members of her team. The statement defended Getz as a boss and co-worker.

The statement said, “At no point has any of us experienced this.”

Getz faces an uncertain political future. On Thursday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois became the first GOP member of Congress Calling Getz to resign. At this point, Republican House leadership has disregarded questions about Getz’s position on the influential House Judiciary Committee, although Republican sources say he is unlikely to be removed from the committee before the indictment.

For the most part, Republicans have been able to avoid questions about the Getz investigation because the House has been on recess for two weeks. That will change when they rejoin on Monday. It is not clear whether Gatz himself will be in Washington. He currently has an active proxy vote that would allow him to physically cast a vote in Washington. Questions about his appearance were not answered the following week.


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