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Is ‘a drop in the sea’ for India

More than 17.6 million cases have been reported in the country since the epidemic began. But the real number, experts fear, could be up to 30 times higher – meaning more than half a billion infections.

According to the Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, the daily death toll is projected to climb by mid-May, on which day it may exceed 13,000. . When it comes to overall deaths, experts believe that India’s actual toll may be closer to 990,000, not the current figure of 198,000, due to the country’s poor health infrastructure that is historic in its count of deaths. Is struggling with form, Jessie Yeung reports.

The US said on Monday that it would share millions of doses of its stocked AstraZeneca Kovid-19 vaccine. Although White House officials did not say which countries would get the shots, there is global pressure for the move to include India.

Countries like the US have been in line in recent times to send medical supplies to India, but there are some fears that this may not be enough to help stop the country’s huge second wave. “It’s a drop in an ocean,” Mumbai-based Dr. Zarir Udvadia told BBC After Tuesday, the United Kingdom donated ventilators.
Udvadia said that A. America’s AstraZeneca The stockpile should arrive in India because “the country requires at least 2 billion doses,” but the world’s largest vaccine producer, Serum Institute of India, is based in Pune, struggling to meet demand is.

You asked. We responded

Q. How did I get my Kovid-19 vaccination in my medical records?

a: It is not necessary to be given a vaccination card after receiving your Kovid-19 vaccination, that the shot will be listed in your medical record. A simple way to fix this is to give a copy of the card to your primary care physician.

If you live in the United States, Here are some other ways to update your records.
Send your questions here. Are you a health care worker fighting Kovid-19? Message us on WhatsApp about the challenges you face: +1 347-322-0415.

What’s important today

New CDC Mask Guidance to be Announced by Biden

President Joe Biden is expected to announce today that the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidance on wearing masks, three people familiar with Expected announcement stated. A federal official told CNN that the Biden administration hopes to outline several other new recommendations for fully vaccinated people.
This comes with an increase in Michigan Covid-19 cases and hospitals, prompting state officials to expand their mask mandate to include 2 as children. The mandate, which took effect on Monday, requires children between the ages of 2 and 4 to wear a face. Undercover while living in public places, Including day care and camping.

The European Union sued AstraZeneca after delays in vaccine delivery

The European Union said on Monday that it is suing AstraZeneca over alleged breach of contract to supply its vaccines, sparking a month-long dramatic dispute over delivery delays that hampered the rollout of shots across the continent . James Frater and Angela Dewan report.

27 countries in the European Union ordered 300 million doses of the drugmaker’s Kovid-19 vaccine, which would be delivered by the end of June, with the option to purchase an additional 100 million. But shipments were repeatedly reduced, sparking a bitter public fight over the terms of the contract.

A vaccine manufacturer wasted 15 million doses. Its CEO sold $ 11 million in stock before news broke

Emergent Biosolutions’ stock has lost more than half its value after it was revealed that it wasted 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Kovid-19 vaccine at its Baltimore plant. But the company’s CEO dumped more than $ 11 million worth of stock ahead of the steep decline. If Robert Kremer had captured about 100,000 shares sold so far this year, they would be about $ 5 million less than the price for which he sold them, Chris Isidore reports

On our radar

  • A legislator from the state of Alaska, who called the flight attendant “mask bullies” and clashed with airline employees on video over mask rules Banned from Alaska Airlines.
  • The UK Prime Minister has denied allegations that he said he would “let the corpses in the tens of thousands rise higher”, rather than impose other lockdowns, unnamed sources told the Daily Mail newspaper Commented last October.
  • There has been a major coronavirus outbreak among US diplomatic staff in India, with the death of two locally employed staff in India and more than 100 test trials For viruses in recent weeks.
  • Canada has deployed military to Ontario, raising the province’s positivity rate amid its worsening Kovid-19 wave. Hit an all-time high.

Today’s top tip

Did you recently apply the single-shot Johnson & Johnson Kovid-19 vaccine?

The CDC said on Monday that if you consistently feel severe pain, severe vision, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, persistent abdominal pain or abnormal injury within three weeks of resurrection, So pay attention to medicine.

They may be signs of an extremely rare, severe blood clotting syndrome that may be associated with the shot. The CDC stated that the risk is greatest for women under 50 years of age. Read more.

today’s day

“This is a terrible situation. It seems as if the government has completely relinquished its responsibility.” – Tehseen Poonawala, a political commentator in India.

India is fighting a devastating second wave of Kovid-19 that has devastated communities and hospitals across the country. In today’s episode, Drs. Sanjay Gupta explains what went wrong and why, as world citizens, we should react immediately. Hey now.


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