Wednesday, April 14, 2021

It is here that the possible impeachment of the village. What Andrew Cuomo might look like

While Cuomo has “apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable,” the Democrat has said that he “never touched anyone inappropriately.” When pressured whether he would resign from office, as many of New York’s top Democrats are now calling him to do, the governor explicitly stated that he would not heed those calls. The impeachment investigation is running parallel to the independent civilian investigation into the allegations against the governor of New York Attorney General Letitia James, whom Cuomo Where are you He will participate fully.

National and New York Democratic factions believe that Cuomo’s resolutions, arguing that it is very unlikely that the governor will go ahead on his own – make a possible impeachment the most likely venue for the possible departure of a third-term governor Will give.

“The only way he leaves is,” the Democratic operative said, until he surprised everyone and turned into a different human being, if he was impeached, noting that the Democratic operative said Often one should not give even an inch when challenged. “

The pressure comes on Cuomo when he is under fire for his handling Died in a nursing home During the coronovirus crisis. The Cuomo administration issued a controversial advisory last year prohibiting the nursing home from emptying hospital beds from accepting patients solely on the basis of confirmed or suspected coronaviruses. According to a report released earlier this year by James, the decision could increase the spread of the virus to facilities. Report It was also found that a large number of nursing home residents died from Kovid-19 from published nursing home data from the New York State Department of Health.

According to the New York State Constitution, the vote to bring Cuomo impeachment is done by the New York State Assembly. The Legislative Assembly, which is made up of 150 MPs, requires only a majority vote to bring the constitution to impeach for “misconduct or malfeasance”.

With the party holding 106 of the 150 seats, the New York Legislative Assembly has heavy control over Democrats. Cuomo needs twenty-six votes for impeachment.

“Provision shall be made by law for removal for misconduct or malfeasance in the office of all officers, except the judicial, whose powers and duties are not local or legislative and who shall be elected in general elections, and made for such expulsion Even for the supply of vacancies. ”Reads the constitution.

If the Assembly voted to impeach, Lieutenant Government Kathy Hochul, a Democrat from Buffalo, became governor, stripping Cuomo of her decision-making abilities. Cuomo would then go to a trial conducted by the New York Senate, which would be made up of senators and judges of the Court of Appeal according to the state constitution. According to the constitution Hochul will not be part of the test.

Cuomo must be found guilty by two-thirds of the state Senate. Democrats hold 43 of 63 seats in the legislative chamber.

If found guilty, the sentence will be removed from office, the constitution says. If Cuomo makes it through the impeachment process and is acquitted, he goes back to being governor. He regains his position with all the power that comes with it.

“Judgments in cases of impeachment shall not extend to the obtaining and enjoyment of any public honor, trust or benefit of office under this State, than the removal from office, or the disqualification from office; but the impeachment. The party will be liable for indictment and punishment. Punishment according to law, “the constitution reads.

The decision to start the impeachment investigation came in conjunction with the Assembly Majority Conference on Thursday by State Assembly Speaker Karl Hetti.

“The report of the allegations against the governor is serious,” Hetty said in a statement.

Even as both investigations proceed, sentiment among top Democrats in New York is turning against Cuomo.

on Thursday, More than 50 Democratic MPs Called for his resignation in New York. And on Friday, Multitudinous The New York Democratic Congressional delegation called for the governor to resign, calling for the total number of New York Democrats in the House to step aside to separate 16 of the 19 New York House Democrats.


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