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‘It was a massacre.’ Atlanta shooting victim’s family pleads for justice

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“I just want to hold him tight,” Webb told CNN about his mother. “Hug her… hold her hand, hug her for too long.”

Tan’s ex-husband Michael Webb says he just wants justice.

“I think what a difference we make … what justice is done,” he said. “It was a genocide. We have a justice system and will have to be held accountable. And our family will be involved in the process as much as we can be.”

“We just want justice and we hope it will.”

Both residents and public health officials have called on investigators to consider hate crime charges against the suspect, whether based on race or sex – both are covered. Georgia’s hate crime law.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN on Saturday, “The admissibility that it was a crime built on hate in cases of a particular community and I think it’s important that prosecutors and police consider making those allegations . ”

Rallies across the country

written below Shooting, Americans gathered at rallies across the country, honoring the victims and Condemn violence against Asian Americans – which ones has increased During the coronavirus epidemic.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at an Atlanta rally Saturday. A Florida resident, who took eight hours to participate, described the violence as “a hit at home” to CNN.

Violence against Asian Americans has been condemned at rallies around the country after the Atlanta spa murders

“I look at my mother, I see my acquaintances, my colleagues,” said Timothy Phan. “It is an Asian issue but on top of that, it is much more than this, it is a human issue.”

“We are in this struggle together,” said Henry Wong in San Francisco. CNN affiliate KGO at another rally this weekend. “When will we do it if we don’t voice it?”
Just last week, the San Francisco Police Department Announced it was increasing patrol A “dangerous spike in anti-Asian violence in recent weeks”, mainly in response to Asian neighborhoods.

“The biggest problem in fighting hate-spreading crime in the state is that a lot of incidents are not recorded,” California Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, who introduced a bill to establish a statewide hate crime hotline. “We want people to report these incidents of hate crime as easy and safe as possible.”

“The women who died looked exactly like me. They look like my mom,” the young-line Nieu of the New York State Assembly said during a rally in Manhattan on Saturday. “They look like us.”

At least 10 suspects are anti-Asian hate crimes Commits were committed in New York City between January 1 and March 14, according to data from the Hate Crime Task Force of the New York Police Department.

They are victims of violence

The victims include 49-year-old Tan of Kenessa; Delaina Ashley Yun, 33, of Aquarth; 54-year-old Paul Andre Michels of Atlanta; And Doyu Feng, 44, who was fatally shot in Young’s Asian Massage. Elysus R., 30, of Acworth. Hernández-Ortiz was also shot in a Young’s Asian massage but survived.

A visit to the spa that ended in death.  These are some of the victims of the Atlanta-area shooting

Officials said four Asian women were murdered in Atlanta within an hour of the first shooting – three at the Gold Massage Spa and one at the Aroma Therapy Spa. They were: Soon Chung Park, 74; Hyun Jung Grant, 51; Suncha Kim, 69; And, according to Yoo AE Yu, 63, Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.

According to South Korea’s Deputy Consulate General of Atlanta General Kwangsuk Lee, one of the four victims in Atlanta was a South Korean citizen and a permanent resident of the US. The other three are believed to be Americans of Korean ethnicity, Lee told CNN on Friday.

Charlie Yun Kim, president of the Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta, told CNN that he had received phone calls from two families of victims who shared their financial difficulties after the sudden tragedy and “asked us if we could help them.” “

“They were concerned about rent and utility fees and other practical costs including the funeral process,” Kim said.

Kim now plans to raise funds to provide assistance to the victims’ families.

“All Asian groups and associations are willing to be involved in mobilizing support for those affected by the incident, so I hope we can find some practical help for them,” Kim told CNN.

Sadness and difficulty are left behind

One GoFundMe page Yun’s family says, “We just don’t know how to do it. If you can find it in your heart to donate, our family will appreciate your support.”
a GoFundMe page Dedicated to helping Grant’s two sons killed at Gold Massage Spa in Atlanta Has raised more than $ 2.5 million.

“In truth, I have no time to grieve for a long time,” his son Randy Park wrote on the page. “I will need to find out the living situation for my brother and I for the next few months, possibly the year. So far I have been advised to save money from my current home at the end of March and find a new one.” ” A living place.”

One mother was killed in an Atlanta spa shootout.  A GoFundMe page for his sons has now raised millions
In another GoFundMe page, For Kim, one of her grandchildren wrote in a post that Kim moved from South Korea to the US and did two to three things, speaking very little English.

“My grandmother was an angel, it is unbearable to think of her as carrying her in such a frightening way. As an immigrant, all my grandmother ever wanted in life was to grow old with my grandfather, and See your children and grandchildren. Life never got to him, “Page says.

In another page, Yu’s youngest son wrote GoFundMe His mother “loved our family and friends with their home-cooked Korean food and Korean karaoke.”

“We are still in shock from the violent killing of our mother, but through our grief we plan to remember her, bring her family together and resolve her financial matters,” he wrote. .

a GoFundMe page It was also started by Hernandez-Ortiz’s wife – who was the only survivor of the shooting – to help with medical bills.

Hernandez-Ortiz was shot in the forehead and the bullet fell into his lungs and into his stomach, his wife, Flora Gonzalez Gómez, wrote on the page, adding that she is now in intensive care at the hospital.

Suspect charged with murder

The suspect, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, was arrested Tuesday night in a traffic stop 150 miles south of Atlanta.

He told police that he believed he had a sex addiction and saw the spa as “a seduction …”, which he said by Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jay Baker on Wednesday.

He claimed the attacks were not racially motivated, Baker said. But Atlanta police say it is still too early to know the motive of the suspect.

Cherokee County District Attorney Shannon Wallace said investigations are continuing and appropriate charges will be made.

Long is being held without opportunity for bail in Cherokee County, where he faces four counts of murder with malice, one attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and a firearm while carrying a felony. Five counts to use.

He has been charged in four counts of murder in connection with two spa shootings in Atlanta, according to Atlanta police.

CNN’s Paul Workman, Jason Hanna, Madeline Holcombe and Eunjung Seo contributed to this report.


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