Italy’s New Prime Minister Appeals for Unity and Sacrifice

Italy’s New Prime Minister Appeals for Unity and Sacrifice

ROME – Italy’s new Prime Minister, Mario Puli, on Wednesday appealed for unity and sacrifice as the country moves forward with vaccination and captured a $ 240 billion European relief package to overhaul the economy and address persistent inequalities Wants to do

In his first speech as head of government, Mr. Dhani addressed the Italian Senate for an hour through a white mask before a confidence vote for a broad unity government, which he is assured to win. a East European Central Bank Chief, he gave voice to the bank president to provide an economic outlook from every point of view, and said that his government had the possibility, or responsibility, to start a new reconstruction after the trauma of the epidemic.

He explicitly mentioned Italy’s existential challenges, which he called the most serious after World War II. But he also held an approach to ambitious fiscal and bureaucratic excesses and assured the country’s commitment to play a central role in a more integrated European Union.

In a speech largely devoid of politics, he offered a sharp brushback to populist forces in his government, as one of his leaders doubted Italy’s commitment to remaining in the Eurozone. Over the last decade, populists in Italy have increased in popularity by questioning whether the country benefited from a single European currency or would be better off without the economic constraints that come with it.

“Supporting the government means supporting the irreversibility of the choice of the euro,” said Mr Puli, a candid response by Nationalist League Party leader Matteo Salvini, who said on Tuesday that only the death was “irreversible”.

The new prime minister said that supporting his government meant “sharing an ever-closer EU perspective”, as he sat down with a cabinet member of Mr Salvini’s party, which had taken Italy’s affairs on the EU Accused of focusing in.

Mr. Dhani expressed respect to his predecessor, Giuseppe Conte, whose government Fell last month. The mention of Mr. Conte’s name prompted both applause and cheers, and Mr. Dhani moved quickly and made it clear that Italy is now one new path.

He assured the country’s support for his Western allies in NATO, unlike previous governments that toyed with more authoritarian leaders. He also called for closer cooperation with Germany and France, criticized human rights abuses in Russia and talked about tensions with China.

While the previous government had criticized what some people said about it Flower shaped pavilion As coronovirus vaccination sites, Mr. Puli said that taking place quickly and efficiently in every available public and private space to alleviate Italy’s economic pain and rely on defeating viruses that guarantee the nation’s recovery and future is required.

“The virus is everybody’s enemy,” he said.

Nothing, his speech called for the country to take action in a decisive year, especially as the final deadline of April to present a plan for the EU on how Italy spent more than 200 billion euros Intends to – around 240 billion – in the Kovid relief funds that the block has agreed to allocate.

Mr. Dhani, a proponent of what he called “good debt”, emphasized the importance of investing that money in areas that would move the country forward. He spoke of reducing economic disparities through investment in education and ambitious public works projects like high-speed rail. He also envisioned new jobs, especially in the economically disadvantaged south of Italy.

Mr Puli, 73, said “it is our mission as Italians: provide a better and fair country to our children and grandchildren”, asking if their generation was ready to make sacrifices. “

Mr. Drew’s acceptance of the globalized world and his vision to make Italy more competitive serve as an explosion of oxygen to European pro-Italian people.

He called for an overhaul of the country’s tax code, bureaucracy and glacial judiciary, which often get stuck in lawsuits and scare away foreign investors. They prioritized digitalization, green jobs and investment in renewable energy, as required by the European Union.

He also addressed some of the open wounds of the Italian economy and society. She said the country needed to improve prospects for talented youth who often pursue careers and acknowledged that Italian women faced “the worst pay gaps in Europe” and “chronic shortages” in key managerial positions Had to do.

“Real gender equality does not mean a self-righteous respect for quotas for women as required by law,” Mr. Dhani said, calling for real equality in working conditions.

Now leading the country with the oldest population in Europe, he stressed the need to improve social services for pregnant women and new mothers, saying it would “overcome the choice between family and work” Was important, especially in the country Damn the south.

At some points Mr. Dhani left behind figures and corrections blueprints for some linguistic flourish. But rhetoric did not seem to be his strong suit, and at times seemed to attract attention in the Chamber as the MPs grumbled.

Mr. Puli’s power, however, is not in his charisma. It is in his reputation for ability and work.

He eventually needed parliament’s support to do so, and he withheld some of that support on Wednesday when he said he did not buy the commentators’ evaluation of the scene, as it defended a technocratic political system is as. He said that it was the spirit of national unity and sacrifice of elected MPs of the country that could help Italy.

“Today, unity is not an option – unity is a duty,” Mr. Dhani concluded, for a standing ovation. “But it is a duty I make that unites everyone: the love of Italy.”



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