It’s in their blood: Nearly 30 pairs of siblings are competing in the 2020 Olympics

Brothers Martin Sinkovich and Valent Sinkovich of Team Croatia pose with their gold medals after the rowing men’s pair final on July 29. (Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

Be it a fierce relationship or a centuries-old rivalry, the siblings will be seen in large numbers at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with around 30 siblings competing.

We have already seen the brother and sister of Japan Abe Hufimi and Abe Utas Claim the gold medal in Judo on the same day in your respective finals with the Croatian brothers Martin Cinkovich and Valente Sinkovich Won gold in the finals of the rowing men’s pair on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Team USA has seven pairs of siblings and Team Great Britain has nine pairs, all competing in sports.

British twin sisters Jennifer and Jessica Gadyrova have already won bronze medals in the women’s gymnastics team finals. They also compete with twin sisters from Italy and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, a pair of Russian twins will compete in rhythmic gymnastics.

Along with a pair of Turkish siblings, there is another group of siblings competing in sailing in Croatia.

Several siblings will also compete in pool events, with French twins in synchronized swimming, Austrian sisters in doubles synchronized swimming, and two Australian sisters with a brother and sister from Cape Verde competing in their respective events.

Spain’s men’s basketball team consists of a pair of brothers – Pau and Marc Gasol have three NBA titles – and a Kiwi brother and sister will also compete in their respective events in the triathlon.

How is it being done?

Well, nobody knows for sure. But many of these athletes have spoken about their journey in the sport and many of them describe the influence of their siblings in starting them. Some of them were even coached by their athlete parents. Maybe no one wants to miss out on an elementary kitchen table discussion.


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