Jeff Bridges details his battle with covid and cancer

one in New post on their websiteThe actor says his cancerous mass is now “marble-sized” and his Covid is “in the rear view mirror” after a struggle that began earlier this year.

Bridges believes he caught the virus after coming into contact with the facility where he was receiving chemotherapy treatment.

He spent five weeks in the hospital, he said, because “my immune system gets shot down by chemo.”

“My dance with Covid makes my cancer look like a piece of cake,” he wrote.

He said he is still working on fully preparative oxygen support, but he no longer needs it to move around.

Bridges is happy to report that her goal of walking her daughter Hayley down the aisle at her wedding had been accomplished, and that she was even able to perform the traditional father/daughter dance without the aid of oxygen.

Bridges said his wife also battled Covid and spent five days in the hospital.

“Covid kicked my ass, but I’m doubly vaccinated and feel much better now,” Bridges wrote.

“While I’ve had moments of tremendous pain… closer to the pearl’s gate, overall, I felt happy and blissful most of the time. This brush with mortality has brought me a real gift – life is short and beautiful, ” he wrote. “Love is all around us and available at all times. It’s a matter of opening ourselves up to receive gifts.”

Bridges will next star in “The Old Man” for FX, a play based on the novel by Thomas Perry.


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