Jennifer Aniston on Vaccines: ‘A lot of opinion doesn’t seem to be based on anything but fear’

in a new interview with in style, the actress admitted that she has been strict about keeping the vaccination company in her circle, noting in the process that there is “a huge group of people” who “don’t listen to the facts.”

“It’s a real shame. I’ve lost a few people in my weekly routine who refuse or don’t disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated], and it was unfortunate,” she said. “I think it’s your moral and professional obligation to inform, because we’re not all confused and being tested every single day.”

Aniston did not clarify whether she was working for or for friends, acquaintances or those she worked with.

“It’s difficult because everyone is entitled to their own opinion — but a lot of opinions aren’t based on anything other than fear or hype,” Aniston said. (click here for Vaccine Facts.)

Aniston, who currently stars on Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show,” said she watches a lot of news — and CNN (thanks, Jen!) — but admits to feeling some “news fatigue” during the pandemic. “Because we were hoping that one day we’d wake up and hear some hopeful talk, and we just got so mad.”

Last year wasn’t crazy for Aniston.

The long-awaited “Friends” reunion on HBO Max was well received by fans and resulted in four Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Variety Special. Following this, the star will appear in the second season of “The Morning Show”, which returns on September 17.


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